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Showing Users a proper Maintenance Mode Message

PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 6:39 pm
by Bernd.N
When we put Servoy into maintenance mode, most users think the system is not working, as the message they get does not tell this clear enough.
That resulted in a flood of user emails to our first level help desk.

We now solved this by using our own maintenance mode that we set inside our solution with an integer flag in a table.
Gary coded a function so that the login solution gets that information via a security.authenticate()-call, because normally the login solution has no access to data.

Then we set the login fields (User Name/Password) in the login screen to invisible and show a proper maintenance message.
In order to still be able to login as admin, it would be possible to install a secret backdoor, like a key combination.

The result is the same as the Servoy maintenance mode, i.e. users can not get into the main solution so that we can perform updates.

maintenance message.png
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