How to fry your brain....

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How to fry your brain....

Postby david » Mon Jun 07, 2004 6:04 am

Oi, what a mess. I made the mistake of restarting my dual G5 for the first time in probably two months. I had four Servoy directories -- just to be cool of course -- and when I restarted the computer and opened up Servoy, I got the dreaded "repository unknown, would you like to create or update?" message. In hindsight, Sybase had been running the repository from one of my renamed Servoy directories and on restart started up the repository in the "main" Servoy directory. Not knowing this yet, I open up Sybase Central and made backups of everything, and then I clicked on "yes". As expected, poof -- all my solutions gone.

I tried first to replace the new repository db with my archive. Sybase wouldn't recognize the repacements. So I start up the backup repository separately, export all the data, and import into the current repository. Start up Servoy and everything is back except I can't make any changes to solutions because the repository is throwing duplicate key errors.

After trying to figure out how to reset the pk incrementation in the repository tables to no avail, I export all my solutions with sample data, reinstall a fresh copy of Servoy, start up Servoy -- still the old repository showing so I restart. It is at this point I realize that if I had just restarted when I replaced the repository with my archive repository, I wouldn't have had to go through the pain of exporting and importing. So I restart at this point, and when everything comes up, Servoy gives me the "repository unknown, would you like to create or update?" message again and I click yes, and then reimport all of my solutions.

Ach!!! From now on I am exporting my solutions on a daily basis to back them up. I now know more about the repository tables than I ever thought I'd need to know. Good job designing the system Jan :)

Moral of the story: working with multiple Servoy copies (on different ports), multiple Servoy versions (1.2 and 2.0), multiple data connections (Sybase, MySQL and Postgres) and multiple SQL managers (PHPMyAdmin, Sybase Central, LassoAdmin & SQuirreL) on one development machine can sometimes get you so confused that you screw yourself into knots!

Anyone else have a "fried brain" story? :)

- David
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Postby ebrandt » Mon Jun 07, 2004 4:20 pm

But my hard drive is fried. I am hoping I still get to the files I need through the registry. I too have realized that I need to do a daily backup onto the network until I deploy my solution on the server. Unlike you, I don't have a happy ending yet.

Did you get the barcode files I emailed you? I hope you got a chance to play around with them.

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