Servoy at FileMaker's DevCon

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Servoy at FileMaker's DevCon

Postby rochard » Wed Sep 08, 2004 12:23 pm

I got to Phoenix on Thursday afternoon ready for two days of intensive Servoy training from Bob Cusick and Jan Aleman and got, considerably, more than I had bargained for! The class was great; tons of useful information and a lot of laughs, usually from Jan goading Bob to get on with it but what we learned and what we were shown opened up a lot of eyes in amazement.

During DevCon itself, there were a number of very conspicuous individuals - anybody who knows Bob Cusick will know what I mean by conspicuous :wink: - constantly wandering around wearing Servoy shirts talking to anybody who would listen about the program and there were a lot of people who were very interested. Edward's Hawaiian shorts and Servoy shirt made him easy to spot from, oh, a mile away; personally I think he was sent in as a decoy to draw enemy fire :wink:

There were some especially energetic discussions in and around the bar and more than a few impromptu training sessions for those of us who had attended the course but were still struggling with some of the materials - an especial thanks goes to David Workman for his help above and beyond the call of duty!

I don't think that the Servoy shirts and prosyletizing were all that appreciated by the FileMaker folks but, hey, it's a free world and we all have a choice.

I can't wait until the Servoy DevCon; bring it on!!!
Michael Rochard
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Postby Harry Catharell » Sun Sep 12, 2004 4:50 pm

I'll just echo what Michael has said.

I managed to make it for the second day only but it was intense and covered a huge amount of detail and it was fun.

Thanks to Jan, Bob and big 'Hello' to Jody Weaver (if I've spelled it correctly !)

Thanks to David Workman for supplying that 'Template' example solution - great stuff inside there for free !!

David, if you still have plans to let go that single 'form' interface example that you showed to us using tabpanels...then can I have first dibs on it !! :-)

Bring on a Servoy DevCon - if Bob's and Jan's livers can stand one !

Can I also have a prize for the youngest Servoy convert please - my youngest child (5 year old daughter) coloured the attached picture for me after I got home and she watched me using it on my iMac - Hhhmmm, are kids so easily bought with only a Frisbee ? ....change that marketing tack, Jan !

servoyRocks.jpg (101.79 KiB) Viewed 1011 times
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Postby jweaver » Mon Sep 13, 2004 6:23 pm

I too will echo what Michael has said.

Hello to all I met in Phoenix. I would have posted sooner, however Hurricane Francis slowed progress for a few days.

This was by far my best fm devcon ever... even though I left a day early to prepare for Francis and missed most of the sessions. Andrew's Servoy shirt made for some great conversation in the hallways.

The Servoy training was A++. I am very glad that I attended the two intense days of training and have already received a return on my investment. Bob Cusick, Jan Aleman and David Workman make it easy and learning is much better in person. David, I had fun with the JavaScript, thanks again for taking your time.

Howdy from Florida Harry. Please tell your daughter she makes great art! I enjoyed the time and look forward to it again.

Can't wait till the first Servoy DevCon. Bob and Jan a couple recommendations for the venue; boxing ring with referee, hot tubs are a plus and options on 24 hour breakfast a must.

Servoy Rocks!

Jody Weaver
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Postby Harry Catharell » Tue Sep 14, 2004 4:02 pm

Hey, Jody.

Great to hear from you !

Does this mean that your lurking days are over !?

Hope that Hurricane didn't cause you too much grief !

Look forward to seeing your posts and don't hesitate to contact me off list for any reason.

Cheers (but no more Shots for a while !)
Harry Catharell
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