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SAN member? subscribe to the special forums

Postby kazar » Mon Aug 28, 2006 12:06 pm

Reminder to those who have heard about the SAN forums already, and advisory to new members who are not aware of the forums ...

The members of the Servoy Alliance Network are invested in using Servoy technology to manage their businesses and/or make a living. Servoy has created a private SAN forum as a place for us to discuss Servoy from a business angle.

On the SAN Forum, we can talk about our businesses, seek help with the challenges we might face as developers (please post all happy stories publicly, though!), brainstorm "how to sell Servoy", share our bright ideas, gossip about NDA-type news ... and it's a place where we can start getting to know our SAN colleagues around the globe a bit better.

For those who are subscribed, after logging into the forum these SAN-only topics will show at the bottom of the list on the main forum page:

- SAN News
- The SAN Program
- SAN: Business Development
- SAN: Servoy Evangelism
- SAN: Servoy Futures
- SAN: The water cooler

(Please continue to post technical questions, issues, feature requests, How To's, etc. to the main Servoy Forum.)

To subscribe to the private SAN Forum, please email me (your "forum hostess") at [email protected] with your:


Company Name

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