XML- and CSS- editing

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XML- and CSS- editing

Postby Bert » Tue Nov 18, 2003 6:05 pm

Hi all,
Since Servoy R2 is a Java-application, and since we all know the features deploying such applications I've been looking for other Java-apps on the Internet.

That's how I found a (free) XML- and CSS- editor as stand-alone apps also build in Java and can be intergrated in Servoy R2. Not by us developers, but by Servoy itself as components of Servoy R2.
But then again I realy don't know if it would be interesting having a build-in XML- and CSS- editor wich edits and formats data in de solution before it is published or where a user kan publish data using a stylesheet of his/her choice etc. etc.

So first I would like to know from you developers would this be usefull functionality and second of course can this be implemented in Servoy?

More to find on Morphon Technologies

Just thinking :idea:
Bert de Graaff
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Postby bobcart » Fri Dec 05, 2003 2:00 am

If/when Servoy provides a web interface in addition to the thin client, it would be greast to have such an integrated tool. However, until then, I for one don't see any benefit of having such an editor in Servor developer. I'm sure there are uses, though. Perhaps as a bean in a client solution for developing websites?
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