[Module] A CSV Import Automator Module

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Re: [Module] A CSV Import Automator Module

Postby maria » Wed Jul 07, 2010 1:39 am

LOGIsoft wrote:Hi Maria,

As Paul suggested, the project page might be a better place to discuss this, so I have just activated a local forum for it on ServoyForge.

You are correct - this module is just that - a module (a Servoy solution which can be used to extend an existing solution), not a plugin or a bean.

In short, the two database servers are actually two database connections that the module expects to be present in your Eclipse environment before it can be correctly imported and run in your local workspace/repository. This is explained in detail in Adrian McGilly's excellent handbook, which can be previewed here: http://www.mcgilly.com/Servoy%20Beginner's%20Handbook%20PREVIEW.pdf. This is needed so as not to break the module's core functionality. The rest is just standard Servoy stuff.

To make things easier for people who don't have an SVN connection set up, I am also making available a downloadable version of the module in the Files section (Thanks for pointing this out Patrick!).



Thanks Ben,
I thought those must be some specific database servers.
I was able to import and run the solution.
Anyway, will post any further questions on the project forumn.

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