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Postby christof.brenke » Wed Sep 07, 2016 5:12 pm

Hello everybody,

is it possible to attach an Mouselistener to Servoy-Buttons?

I have an Time-Picker with two Buttons for counting Up and Down and the Method for that should be fired, as long as the Button is clicked,
so I don´t have to click several times to set the desired Time.
Maybe there is a workaround with WebClientUtils and JQuery? I tried and failed.

Thanks a lot. Regards, Christof
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Re: OnMouseDown??

Postby emera » Fri Nov 11, 2016 10:44 am

Hi Christof,

Can you paste the code that you tried and didn't work?
Should be similar to the first example from the webclient utils wiki https://www.servoyforge.net/projects/webclientutils/wiki
Code: Select all
function myCallback(val1){application.output(val1)}
//variable to be attached to a non-editable HTMLArea
var html = '<html><head><script> function triggerCallback() {' + plugins.WebClientUtils.addCallback(myCallback, ['"Dynamic callback"']) + '}</script></head><body><button type="button" onclick="triggerCallback()">Click me</button></body></html>'

I assume you did not move yet to Servoy 8. Please consider doing so, as with Servoy 8 you have the freedom to build your own web components in case the existing ones do not suit your needs.
See more at https://wiki.servoy.com/display/public/DOCS/WebComponents

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