Internationalization - I18N in Servoy 6.x

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Internationalization - I18N in Servoy 6.x

Postby ayadav1 » Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:15 pm


I want to integrate Internationalization - I18N to enable multi language feature in my current application.
Can anyone tell me that how many hours will take to implement for one screen (standard)?

I have no idea about implementation of Internationalization - I18N in Servoy application.

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Re: Internationalization - I18N in Servoy 6.x

Postby mboegem » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:29 pm

Hi Abhishek,

I've been using i18n for many years.
The best approach is to integrate i18n right from the start, but I believe this is not your case.

You're request is an estimation of time to change just 1 form, which is still hard to give as there are multiple areas to take into account.
1) number of languages you want to add?
2) how many labels per form?
3) do you use valuelists (and have a proper return value)?
4) do you display values from tables which should also be translated?

Basic implementation is not that hard though.
Just create the i18n table and start creating entries.
Then replace your current label text property values with the i18n key.

There are ways to automate retrieving all the text properties from labels, convert these into records in your i18n table, replace the current text property value and write the DB content back into your workspace.
This is just 1 part of the implementation (point 2 from my list), but nice to have this done fairly fast.

Hope this will help you a bit.
Marc Boegem
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Re: Internationalization - I18N in Servoy 6.x

Postby Bernd.N » Mon Apr 17, 2017 11:38 pm

It is actually very simple, it will not take much time.
The main idea is that you write something like "i18n:xxx.com_name" instead of "Company Name" into the text property of a label that stands in front of a field that holds a company name.
xxx is a shortcut for your project, so that you have an own name space with that prefix.

I would choose only one character as a prefix, so that you can type those i18n codes as fast as possible.
I also found it very comfortable to have unique names for all fields (with a prefix like com_ for all fields in a table 'companies') and then write the label exactly like the field name, as in the example above.

Did you already have a look at the Servoy wiki?

In the Servoy menu "Actions/Show i18n dialog" you can create the i18n keys.
We do it totally different, however, by creating the i18n file ourselves from our own dictionary which holds all fields of all tables (keeping that in sync to the tables is a bit of a challenge...).
After doing so, we start Servoy new so that it will read our freshly created i18n keys.

The i18n files can be found in the ressources\messages folder of your workspace, like this.
The main i18n file holds the default translation which is usually English
res.png (28.01 KiB) Viewed 662 times

The format of those files is simple, Example (our prefix is 'bob'):
Code: Select all
bob.bp_is_imported_record=Imported Record
bob.bp_is_reference_customer=Reference Customer
bob.bp_key_account_id=Key Account
bob.bp_key_account_manager_id=Key Account Manager
bob.bp_last_customer_invoice=Last Customer Invoice
bob.bp_last_customer_order=Last Order
bob.bp_last_purchase_order=Last Purchase Order
Bernd Korthaus
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