Colors and LAF

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Colors and LAF

Postby ellenmeserow » Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:13 am

So for over a decade I have been programming a Servoy solution with the Kunstoff LAF and now as we move to Servoy 7 I am trying to reskin it. I moved to Windows LAF, and it looks great, but a couple of large problems:

1) I cannot tell the difference between fields that are readOnly or enabled False and those that are editable. When I had this problem in the Kunstoff LAF, I would just script the element to show bgcolor = white if editable and bgcolor = grey if inaccessible. White bgColor seems to mean nothing to the Windows LAF if the field is a combobox. Still grey. Ideas? Yes I do have some of this is CSS, but not nearly all.

2) The default row highlight color is an cyan color I cannot seem to control. In portals it shows up, I see no way to turn it off. Other screens, it disappears on me and I can't see which row is currently selected. I am using onRender, but Servoy is literally ignoring me in many areas.

Help anyone?
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