Database information inconsistent

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Database information inconsistent

Postby developers10 » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:21 am


I found no previous posts about this topic which is a bit surprising ;-)
Problem I have is that my 'problems' window in servoy contains thousands of 'Database information inconsistent" warnings where only the "id:" differs.
For instance :
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"mydatabase->accountancy_sessionerrors->entity_type" column difference. (TEXT(id:-15), length: 5, allowNull: false) in DB <-> (TEXT(id:1), length: 5, allowNull: false) in DB information file. The DB information on this column differs from the actual column in the DB.   accountancy_sessionerrors.dbi   /servoy_192.168.73.203_resources/datasources/mydatabase   JSON file   Database information inconsistency

Any idea on how to remedy this without having to push thousands of altered dbi's to our git ?
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