Database connection 8.1.

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Database connection 8.1.

Postby wjlopez » Wed Mar 01, 2017 7:40 pm

Database connection.

We have installed servoy developer version 8.1, in 32 bit, windows operating system, with several solutions working correctly. These solutions have been working for some years and work correctly.

The problem started when we switched from servo 7.4.6 to servoy 8.1, because wanting to configure database connections has become a nightmare.

Because when you want to configure the connections and right click on "database connections" it takes about 40 minutes just to deploy the sub menu options.

And once inside the form of configuration of the connections and entered the data of the connection, when saving the data, it takes up to 2 hours to finish saving the data and enable the program again to continue working.

If someone gives us their help, maybe we are doing something wrong or we need to do some configuration to decrease this time and work in the same way we did in servoy 7.X.X.

The database is Oracle 12x, it is on another server in Oracle Linux 7.x, and the jodbc we use for the connection is ojdbc7.jar.

Community help please.

thank you very much.
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