onFocusLost wouldn't fire

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onFocusLost wouldn't fire

Postby maria.kyselova » Mon Dec 22, 2014 1:15 am

Hi guys,

Can someone, please, have a look at this issue: https://support.servoy.com/browse/SVY-7503

If I have a typeahead field with a list of values in the valuelist and click in it, it pulls down. However, if I click away on a label on my screen, the dropdown list does not go away. The user has to click on an empty space of the screen, because the labels that are around that field area don't trigger onFocusLost of the field.
We tried to find the problem and sort of found one, but not exactly. The labels do take the focus and trigger onFocusLost on the field ONLY if they don't have a tooltip property. If a label has a tooltip, clicking on that label will not trigger onFocusLost of the typeahead field and the dropdown list won't close.
How to reproduce: In the sample solution attached, click in the top field, the list of values will pull down. Now, click on the label that says 'I have a tooltip' -> nothing will happen, the dropdown will remain open. Click on the bottom label that has no tooltip -> the pulldown will close.
Because we have a busy screen in our main module, there is practically no empty room and the user cannot close the dropdown list to see the fields behind it.
The main problem, however, is that our actual solution labels have no tooltips. It must be something else causing such behaviour and we don't know what it is, but the symptoms are exactly the same as in the sample solution.
Please help.
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Re: onFocusLost wouldn't fire

Postby jcompagner » Mon Dec 22, 2014 11:44 am

i don't know from top of my head how the typeahead works related to closing it self (its not directly in our code but in wicket)
but i guess it is really about when it looses focus (the field or the popup) and if that just doesn't happen because the focus is not taken by the component you click on then i guess it could stay open

So it seems that somehow labels with tooltips don't really touch focus.
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