Patrick Talbot's latest (musical) endeavours !

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Patrick Talbot's latest (musical) endeavours !

Postby ROCLASI » Sun Oct 22, 2017 7:52 pm

Hi All,

Did you know our own Patrick Talbot is a singer songwriter, musician and producer?

About 4 months ago Patrick dropped an EP named INFINITE with 5 original soft rock songs (reminiscent of Pink Floyd I might add).
He did everything himself, music, lyrics, all instruments, vocals, recording and most of the mixing !!
This EP gained some nice traction on the indie radio stations. On one station his song 'Close Your Eyes' was even #1 for 3 weeks!

Now 2 days ago Patrick dropped another album named INVISIBLE. This time with 11 original jazz songs. Again he produced the whole thing himself.
Both albums are available on the iTunes Music Store but you can also get it through his own website (yep that's his artist name).

Check it out!

P.s. He told me that being an indie musician is not paying much so don't worry, he will continue programming.
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