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Servoy R2 2.0BETA6 available

Postby Jan Aleman » Thu Jan 08, 2004 5:39 am

We announce the immediate availability of Servoy 2.0BETA6.

NOTE: this is a beta, use with caution and make BACKUPS before you start.

1. Make a backup of your current Servoy installation directory. If you don't use Firebird as your repository database also make a backup of the database you use as a repository database server.
2a. To upgrade your existing Servoy install this new version over it.
2b. You can also install in a new directoy which will leave your existing Servoy installation intact

You can download the beta from the download section on the developer website at:
You can find the beta under the header "Download the latest Servoy BETA" on the download page.

[enh]-you can now use alt-arrow left and right keys to navigate history
[enh]-place image with correct size
[enh]-delete of multiple media's at once in media dialog
[enh]-date chooser improvements (null == current date, today button, next (or prev) month switches year when needed)
[enh]-images improvements (best of old and new world)
[enh]-stored procedure and database functions call changed (in/output params, must specify the complete call string like "{? = call sp_calcTotal(?,?)}".
[enh]-expand/collapse arrows in the debugger window added to splitpanes.
[enh]-windowMenuDialog is not longer modal and can be used for fast switching between forms during designing forms.
[enh]-tabpanel tab coloring possible via JavaScript
[enh]-it is now possible to use non related tab panels
[enh]-use of system page setup dialog is now optional in developer preferences (apple did required special one, windows can still use system dialog)
[fix]-Memory leaks and
[fix]-getColumnName does not return first column
[fix]-radios/checks focus gained after change data
[fix]-Javascript Engine fix, Datatypes (String/Number/Dates)
[fix]-MSSQL Server solution import problems
[fix]-MSSQL Server problem when a report is using subsum icw 2 sort columns
[fix]-plugin API now also exposes "final fields"
[fix]-rectangles/media fields are now showing all JavaScript methods in code editor
[fix]-reporting grandtotal was not working in all cases
[fix]-use of multiple subsumaries was not working in all cases when sorted differently
[fix]-global relation are now really global, anywhere useable (not longer bound to table)
[fix]-transparency on rtf/text_area now working
[fix]-usage of some beans not allowed
[fix]-problem with resizing font dialog

Earlier enhancements and fixes:
[fix]-security dialog/import issue ... ight=#3930
[fix]-duplicate form bug
[fix]-mediafield not accessible for javascript
[enh]-remove solution protection (if password is known)
[enh]-server plugin properties are shown admin page
[enh]-storedProcdure support in databaseManager
[enh]-possible to provide initial value to application.showColorChooser(...)/showFontChooser(...)
[enh]-added "-upgradeRepository" flag to server start argument to let the server upgrade the repository.
[enh]-added application.executeProgramInBackground(...)
[enh]-application.writeXMLFile('text.xml',thexml) //writes with the file with encoding as specified in the xml
[enh]-checkboxes/radiobuttons do wrap_horizontal when vertical scrollbar is to never or does layout wrap_vertical when horizontal scrollbar is set to never
[enh]-create temporary files: var tempFileName = application.createTempFile('myfile','pdf')
[enh]-db dependent layer (hibernate), repository on Sybase and firebird 1.5 also work now
[enh]-developer option to use system page setup dialog
[enh]-file plugin
[enh]-global rename in dataprovider dialog
[enh]-global search replace in method editor
[enh]-major image display improvement
[enh]-possible to exclude elements from the tab sequence
[enh]-request last job name on scheduler plugin
[enh]-return false; in form.onHide stops hiding (when for example in dialog)
[enh]-scheduler plugin needs get last runned cron job and args to method
[enh]-stored procedure calling now possible with databaseManager.executeStoredProcedure(...)
[enh]-support for font dialog popup: var font = application.showFontDialog()
[enh]-var thexml = controller.printXML()
[fix]-Scrolling in HTML fields not working
[fix]-debugger has no longer one line mismatch
[fix]-find on not used foundset failed
[fix]-if (dateCalc <= endDate) now works
[fix]-lazy blob loading did not work for related data
[fix]-line clipping
[fix]-no progress shown when creating new release after export
[fix]-stringToNumber change
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