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Servoy R2 2.0 RC6 available

Postby Jan Aleman » Thu Feb 12, 2004 2:13 am

We announce the immediate availability of Servoy 2.0RC6.

NOTE: this is a Release Candidate, use with caution and make BACKUPS before you start.

Before installing: If you use Mac OS X or Linux have a look at the special note mentioned with the RC2 announcement:

Make a backup of your current Servoy installation directory. If you don't use Firebird as your repository database also make a backup of the database you use as a repository database server.

Do not use in production until you have verified that it works properly with test data.

Servoy 2.0RC6 is only available via autoupdate. Start Servoy developer 1.2 or 2.0bx and you will be notified about it. This version does not yet contain the new database engine. If you don't get the autoupdate notification edit your file, make sure the last line in it reads:
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Enhancements and fixes:

[enh]-Form by query
[enh]-refresh more than one record at once
[enh]-get server time: application.getServerTimeStamp()
[enh]-indicate SSL use
[enh]-double click on method type properties
[enh]-updates via SQL
[enh]-losing database connection overnight
[enh]-relation spec tooltip in relation overview dialog
[enh]-portals elements are now in the accessible in javascript (under elements node)
[enh]-more undo in the codeeditor, added menu items in edit menu
[enh]-time can be changed in datechooser if format contains time portion
[fix]-loading image refresh problem
[fix]-Resizing the property editor of a dataprovider/field
[fix]-plugins.http.getMediaData and outofmemory
[fix]-Tracking strange behaviour
[fix]-Problems with maximum aggregation
[fix]-doubleclicking a selected valuelist
[fix]-tab panel save problem
[fix]-various import/export problems: ,
[fix]-check relations if rename of globals and delete of globals or columns
[fix]-using 2 same tablenames on different servers
[fix]-tabsequence if buttons don't have an action yet
[fix]-some concurrent modification exception fixes
[fix]-relations dialog stays empty when one or more relations are invalid
[fix]-Custom controllers in formdialog not showing
[fix]-found workaround for menu bars graying out under the mac 1.4.2 release
[fix]-various readOnly property fixes and
[fix]-disappearing rows in the popup of the Combox
[fix]-combobox renderer under win lnf value dissappears in portal table

Earlier enhancements and fixes:
[enh]-databasesManager.convertToDataSet(...) ... c&start=15
[fix]-extends search did not always work from JavaScript
[fix]-fixed use of drawings in portals
[fix]-name mixup when global exists with same name as column
[fix]-column properties lost in Servoy 2.0 rc1
[fix]-the function of < > was the opposite in relations
[enh]-readOnly property on form and elements
[enh]-more functions on security node
[enh]-encrypted ssl communication between server and client
[enh]-relation editable on portal
[enh]-mail plugin supports attachements
[fix]-security didn't work properly in b6
[enh]-you can now use alt-arrow left and right keys to navigate history
[enh]-place image with correct size
[enh]-delete of multiple media's at once in media dialog
[enh]-date chooser improvements (null == current date, today button, next (or prev) month switches year when needed)
[enh]-images improvements (best of old and new world)
[enh]-stored procedure and database functions call changed (in/output params, must specify the complete call string like "{? = call sp_calcTotal(?,?)}".
[enh]-expand/collapse arrows in the debugger window added to splitpanes.
[enh]-windowMenuDialog is not longer modal and can be used for fast switching between forms during designing forms.
[enh]-tabpanel tab coloring possible via JavaScript
[enh]-it is now possible to use non related tab panels
[enh]-use of system page setup dialog is now optional in developer preferences (apple did required special one, windows can still use system dialog)
[fix]-Memory leaks and
[fix]-getColumnName does not return first column
[fix]-radios/checks focus gained after change data
[fix]-Javascript Engine fix, Datatypes (String/Number/Dates)
[fix]-MSSQL Server solution import problems
[fix]-MSSQL Server problem when a report is using subsum icw 2 sort columns
[fix]-plugin API now also exposes "final fields"
[fix]-rectangles/media fields are now showing all JavaScript methods in code editor
[fix]-reporting grandtotal was not working in all cases
[fix]-use of multiple subsumaries was not working in all cases when sorted differently
[fix]-global relation are now really global, anywhere useable (not longer bound to table)
[fix]-transparency on rtf/text_area now working
[fix]-usage of some beans not allowed
[fix]-problem with resizing font dialog
[fix]-security dialog/import issue ... ight=#3930
[fix]-duplicate form bug
[fix]-mediafield not accessible for javascript
[enh]-remove solution protection (if password is known)
[enh]-server plugin properties are shown admin page
[enh]-storedProcdure support in databaseManager
[enh]-possible to provide initial value to application.showColorChooser(...)/showFontChooser(...)
[enh]-added "-upgradeRepository" flag to server start argument to let the server upgrade the repository.
[enh]-added application.executeProgramInBackground(...)
[enh]-application.writeXMLFile('text.xml',thexml) //writes with the file with encoding as specified in the xml
[enh]-checkboxes/radiobuttons do wrap_horizontal when vertical scrollbar is to never or does layout wrap_vertical when horizontal scrollbar is set to never
[enh]-create temporary files: var tempFileName = application.createTempFile('myfile','pdf')
[enh]-db dependent layer (hibernate), repository on Sybase and firebird 1.5 also work now
[enh]-developer option to use system page setup dialog
[enh]-file plugin
[enh]-global rename in dataprovider dialog
[enh]-global search replace in method editor
[enh]-major image display improvement
[enh]-possible to exclude elements from the tab sequence
[enh]-request last job name on scheduler plugin
[enh]-return false; in form.onHide stops hiding (when for example in dialog)
[enh]-scheduler plugin needs get last runned cron job and args to method
[enh]-stored procedure calling now possible with databaseManager.executeStoredProcedure(...)
[enh]-support for font dialog popup: var font = application.showFontDialog()
[enh]-var thexml = controller.printXML()
[fix]-Scrolling in HTML fields not working
[fix]-debugger has no longer one line mismatch
[fix]-find on not used foundset failed
[fix]-if (dateCalc <= endDate) now works
[fix]-lazy blob loading did not work for related data
[fix]-line clipping
[fix]-no progress shown when creating new release after export
[fix]-stringToNumber change
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