Servoy 5.2 release candidate 3 (open source release)

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Servoy 5.2 release candidate 3 (open source release)

Postby Jan Blok » Tue Jul 20, 2010 10:22 pm

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Servoy 5.2 release candidate 3 (open source release), this will be likely the last RC before the final release.
When installing this version all non Servoy beans and plugins have to be signed by there vendor! Plugin/beans developer should have a look here

This version is available through the download page on the Servoy website (developer section) and auto update.
Always make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before upgrading.
To update a Servoy 5.x eclipse open, Window -> Preferences (update sites), change:
-url to
-Disable both update-sites, since there is a problem at the eclipse side!
Check for updates via help menu.

For a list of all enhances and open source info look here

Client changes:
[fix] 304194 HTML_AREA elements in tableview does not fire onAction event
[fix] 304806 RecreateUI on Form Instances Causes Stale Forms
[fix] 304985 Error in calculation
[fix] 304938 ClassCast/UniqueTag error

WebClient changes:
[fix] 304702 Multi-select not working in Chrome with CTRL Key
[fix] 290607 Problem with first thumbnail display

Server changes:
[fix] 303547 Headlesclient queueMethod wrong arguments listed in sample
[fix] 304355 Scheduler: jobs are run when resetting the scheduler

Developer changes:
[fix] 303495 make dbi error marker a warning for temp_* tables
[fix] 281465 On the mac setting a color property doesnt work often for the first time
[fix] 295874 sequence type "servoy seq" not saved
[fix] 300970 Strange reference errors in log
[fix] 304821 Can't open forms from non-active projects using Project Navigator
[fix] 296775 in developer, when client freezes we often have to restart eclipse
[fix] 302226 Relation cannot access calculation

Plugin changes:
[fix] 304743 Context menus do not work on the web if form name contains '$'
[fix] 303002 Issue in webclient with popup containing checkboxes
[fix] 305258 Enabled parameter in addMenuItem and function setEnabled()
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