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Servoy 7.0 beta 2

PostPosted: Sat Dec 22, 2012 6:45 pm
by Jan Blok
We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Servoy 7.0 beta 2 release (releaseNumber 2004).

This version is available through the download option on the Servoy website and auto-update.
Always make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before installing/upgrading.
To update a Servoy 7.0 eclipse open Check for updates via help menu.

Read all about how to install, run the sample and mobile possibilities in mobile docs
For discussion see the dedicated mobile forum

This release does not contain Servoy Smart and Web Client enhancements, its basically Servoy 6.1.x with mobile client codebase.

Known issue: We will break the inset-list forms in next beta, for an optimize to make business logic a lot nicer.