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Servoy 7.3 rc

Postby Jan Blok » Sat Sep 28, 2013 8:54 am

We are pleased to announce the availability of Servoy 7.3 release candidate (releaseNumber 2017).

This version is available via auto-update.
Always make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before installing/upgrading.
To update a Servoy eclipse open "Check for updates" via help menu.

Read all about how to install Servoy mobile, run the sample and possibilities at: ... bile+7.x.x

For discussion about the new mobile client see the dedicated mobile forum:

Regular Servoy 7 docs can be found at:

The issues addressed, since 7.2 and Servoy 6.1.6 release:

Client changes
[enh] SVY-4281 SolutionModel JSValueList is missing API to retrieve the fallback valuelist.
[fix] SVY-5041 The deferred sorting mechanism of foundsets using foundset.sort('column asc', true) does not work when data is loaded in the foundset using foundset.loadRecords(QBSelect)
[fix] SVY-4958 onRender triggers only once when there is 1 record in the foundset
[fix] SVY-4663 Radio Buttons not working properly
[fix] SVY-4188 Tooltip text not being shown when renderable element is disabled
[fix] SVY-5018 Major behaviour change when stacking labels
[fix] SVY-4959 JSField.text returns always null in Servoy 7.2
[fix] SVY-4926 Duplicate Records onLoadAllRecords
[fix] SVY-4774 onRender does not fire unless selected on List view
[fix] SVY-4671 onAfterFoundsetCreateRecord isn't fired when duplicating a record
[fix] SVY-1088 Allow databaseManager.saveData(<record_or_foundset_to_save>) to be called from within table events (before/after record is inserted/update/deleted)

WebClient changes
[enh] SVY-1718 In order to mitigate XSS attacks, the JSESSIONID cookie defined as HttpOnly.
[fix] SVY-5078 In Chrome i see an annoying bar over my search results
[fix] SVY-4990 extra scroll bars
[fix] SVY-4942 forms not loaded in an accordion tab panel
[fix] SVY-4935 Styles defined on combobox are ignored
[fix] SVY-4915 Selecting the option "Remember Me" on the standard login page in Web Client saves the user password in plain text in a cookie
[fix] SVY-4914 Internal Error page when resizing or moving grid columns in Internet Explorer
[fix] SVY-4790 Unable to hide horizontal scrollbar in HTMLArea
[fix] SVY-4039 Setting fgcolor on textfield in table/list view: cannot use color words, only hex values
[fix] SVY-2743 The method getSelectedElements() of MULTISELECT_LISTBOX fields returns incorrect values in the Web Client
[fix] SVY-2003 It would be nice if files like pdf's could be opened in (a new tab of) the browser instead of downloading them

Mobile client changes
[enh] SVY-4231 Servoy Mobile online mode via
:!: Note on SVY-4258: read all about remoteSearch at:
[enh] SVY-4674 Debugging does not work for Mobile Client solutions
:!: Note on SVY-4258: read all about mobile (device) debugging at:
[enh] SVY-4672 Make the JSFoundSet.getRecordIndex(JSRecord) available in Servoy Mobile
[enh] SVY-4258 Support for native apps in case of multi-location on-premise solutions
:!: Note on SVY-4258: to properly support this we added possibility for a custom login form
[enh] SVY-5011 Logout support from mobile solution.
[enh] SVY-4799 Add application.getApplicationType() and add MOBILE_CLIENT to the list of applicationType constants
[enh] SVY-5036 Possibility to use user properties in mobile service solution (being mapped to cookies)
[fix] SVY-4679 Mobile WAR deployment & Safari Private Browsing problem

Developer changes
[enh] SVY-3611 Manage or show the z-index of an element in the property view
[enh] SVY-4734 Ability to deprecate Forms, Relations, ValueLists and Media
[enh] SVY-937 Encapsulation support for ValueLists, Relations and Media
[enh] SVY-5037 toolTipText on tabPanel does not render i18n values or tags
[enh] SVY-4504 add JSDataSet.getColumnNames()
[fix] SVY-4602 Predefined arguments not cleared when method arguments are removed
[fix] SVY-4424 Unable to suppress buildmarker
[fix] SVY-5071 "INFO: ...." in the debug console
[fix] SVY-5046 Clicking on media node results in error: 'Argument not valid' and doesn't show any media
[fix] SVY-5031 servoy object UUID's in workspace are changing spontaneous
[fix] SVY-5030 Warnings for mobile
[fix] SVY-5024 form event 'onSort' set to '-none-' results in error when clicking on table header
[fix] SVY-4713 Cannot run individual unit test methods anymore
[fix] SVY-4582 using numeric type literal on string type column is accepted in relation definition
[fix] SVY-5027 table headers don't paint correctly

Server changes
[enh] SVY-4991 postrgesql new uuid type column support
[fix] SVY-4995 plugins.rawSQL.executeStoredProcedure fails when passing null arguments
[fix] SVY-5044 Timezones displaying incorrectly
[fix] SVY-4994 The export information for database views contained in .solution files does not match the source .dbi
[fix] SVY-4912 repository_server seems to be missing an important index
[fix] SVY-4714 Java update to V1.7.0_25 causes Manifest warnings in Servoy components
[fix] SVY-3851 Servoy server fails with Out Of Memory error when deployed using WAR in a web container

Plugins changes
[enh] SVY-4754 examples on how to use the JFXPanel in Servoy
[fix] SVY-4848 DBTreeView - Right Click doesn't work in Webclient
[fix] SVY-4740 plugins.file.showFileOpenDialog
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Jan Blok
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Re: Servoy 7.3 rc

Postby deezzub » Sat Sep 28, 2013 12:25 pm

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Re: Servoy 7.3 rc

Postby rgansevles » Mon Sep 30, 2013 8:26 am

Yes, this one is also included.

In Jira you can see the fix version and status (flixed/closed)

It must have slipped from the list above.

Rob Gansevles
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Re: Servoy 7.3 rc

Postby ngervasi » Thu Oct 10, 2013 5:22 pm

Since I've upgraded developer to 7.3rc I see a lot of "The function getRecord() is not available in solutions of type Normal" warnings, is it a bug or what?
Nicola Gervasi
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Re: Servoy 7.3 rc

Postby Jan Blok » Fri Oct 11, 2013 10:21 am

Yes, I think at a glitch... sounds like a mobile solution warning is bothering you, please file a case
Jan Blok
Jan Blok
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