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Servoy 7.4.1 rc

Postby Jan Blok » Mon May 19, 2014 10:05 am

We are pleased to announce the availability of Servoy 7.4.1 release candidate (releaseNumber 2027).

This version is available through auto-update.
Always make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before installing/upgrading.

To update a Servoy eclipse add an Eclipse update site: ... candidate/
followed by "Check for updates" via help menu.

The issues addressed, since Servoy 7.4 release:

Client changes
[fix] SVY-6530 JSRecord.getPKs() returns an array of String when the PK column is of type UUID
[fix] SVY-6438 OnDataChange event does not triggers for checkbox with valuelist
[fix] SVY-6302 selectOnEnter on OSX does not work correct
[fix] SVY-6249 Exceptions thrown in the "after" table events are not propagated
[fix] SVY-6378 JSValueList.globalMethod doesn't return the method

WebClient changes
[fix] SVY-6535 Internal error in rendering a dialog
[fix] SVY-6533 Pressing enter loses focus in webclient
[fix] SVY-6492 Multiselect not working in WebClient
[fix] SVY-6483 Underline appears when table header with image and onAction method
[fix] SVY-6477 showFormInOverlay destroys HTML area in IE10 (11)
[fix] SVY-6377 Allow styling of IMAGE_MEDIA component
[fix] SVY-6363 Re-opening webclient in a new tab shows solution's first form, doesn't run onSolutionOpen
[fix] SVY-6297 Vertical alignment center/default not working in Web Client
[fix] SVY-6289 Popup menus cannot be shown at the correct position
[fix] SVY-6251 Problem changing the selection from field that have "format" applied to it
[fix] SVY-5660 Cannot iterate over FoundSet reliably
[fix] SVY-5583 warning in log "Calling initForJSUsage on a destroyed form"
[fix] SVY-6389 getScrollX(),getScrollY() and setScroll(x,y) don't work

MobileClient changes
[fix] SVY-6464 i18n.getI18NMessage(String, Array<Object>) does not work in Mobile
[fix] SVY-6398 Scripts included in the Servoy Media library get included with an incorrect encoding
[fix] SVY-6261 getUUIDPKValueAsString returns NULL for records created on mobile

Developer changes
[fix] SVY-6501 Mobile Export incorrect if you don't complete wizard
[fix] SVY-6474 Unit tests with syntax errors do not fail when they are run through Jenkins
[fix] SVY-6433 Error (NullPointerExceptiopn) after removing foundsetfilters
[fix] SVY-6388 "Error updating table" during "Update Meta Data..." into workspace
[fix] SVY-6369 When unit tests are run through Jenkins, the output log is flooded with info messages
[fix] SVY-6316 Debugger "Step Over" button acts like "Step Into" button
[fix] SVY-6278 The user operation if waiting for building to complete, takes a long time
[fix] SVY-6250 Warnings for tables without pk that have row ident
[fix] SVY-6181 Debugger starts in function with no breakpoint and ignores function with breakpoint
[fix] SVY-5470 Dataset row application.output different then interactive Console
[fix] SVY-6224 Incorrect interpretation of * (Any) in JSDoc

Server changes
[fix] SVY-6338 Servoy Server - Delete all solutions is slow
[fix] SVY-6185 Warning log message "Cannot sort on dataprovider..." appears in Server Log even when no sorting is being performed by our code or by the user
[fix] SVY-6290 using Java ApplicationServer api waitForInstanceStarted() never returns
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