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Servoy 7.4.2 rc

Postby Jan Blok » Wed Sep 03, 2014 8:54 am

We are pleased to announce the availability of Servoy 7.4.2 release candidate (releaseNumber 2031).

This version is available through auto-update.
Always make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before installing/upgrading.

To update a Servoy eclipse add an Eclipse update site: ... candidate/
followed by "Check for updates" via help menu.

The issues addressed, since Servoy 7.4.1 release:

WebClient changes
[fix] SVY-6558 onRecordEditStop problem
[fix] SVY-6733 Text field UI formatter problem in Web Client
[fix] SVY-6604 Null pointer exception in servoy log (MainPage.onNewBrowserWindow())
[fix] SVY-6697 Unable to overwrite selected text when typing when format active and max length reached
[fix] SVY-6688 Dates displayed in Dutch (ie system locale) on Label but local/UK on Fields
[fix] SVY-6654 TypeAhead Appearance and Behavior on iPad
[fix] SVY-6703 Calendar component mask does not disappear when typing on iPad
[fix] SVY-6772 Webclient deadlocks when user clicks browser history buttons
[fix] SVY-6791 slow scroll in scrollable tableView
[fix] SVY-6853 field is cleared when focus on field is gained too quick in a listview
[fix] SVY-6854 JSFoundSetUpdater does not always trigger Table Events

Developer changes
[fix] SVY-6595 intanceof in JSField not working
[fix] SVY-6629 Wrapped com.servoy.j2db.persistence.RepositoryException: Mehrdeutiger Spaltenname
[fix] SVY-6543 Form editor: after copy & paste, selected object should be the duplicate, not the original
[fix] SVY-6677 Foundset not sorting
[fix] SVY-6710 Related FoundSet used in calculations is not of type JSFoundSet
[fix] SVY-6691 Building Workspace Error Message
[fix] SVY-6723 Developer non-functional after checking out solution into empty workspace.
[fix] SVY-6820 Not all of Mobile Export wizard shows up
[fix] SVY-6968 servoy mobile export
[fix] SVY-7034 readOnly mode not working properly
[fix] SVY-7033 Plugin no longer works from Developer, still works on App server.

Server changes
[fix] SVY-6670 Server seems to be in endless loop during import
[fix] SVY-6767 WAR deployment fails on Microsoft Azure Cloud
[fix] SVY-6990 Terracotta Clustering non-functional

Extension changes
[fix] SVY-6971 Rest service does not return binary data (for all binary mimetypes)
[fix] SVY-6930 scroll position lost after insert in TreeView
[fix] SVY-6931 TreeView scroll issue within list
[fix] SVY-6539 DBTreeView setExpandNode in Web Client
[fix] SVY-6296 TreeView Bean horizontal scrolling to top on its own
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