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Servoy 8.1 Release Candidate 1

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 2:48 pm
by jcompagner
We are pleased to announce the availability of Servoy 8.1 release candidate 1 (releasenumber 3026)

This version is available through the download at the Servoy website
and through the update site url: ... candidate/

This release is called 8.1 because we made quite a few changes but for the most part only in the developer
the clients changes are minimal compared to what a 8.0.4 release would have. So 8.1 will be the direct successor of 8.0.3
and the 8.0.x will not have another release.

Fixes and improvements in this release:

Improved HTML5 editor, this does mean that data will not be shown anymore (for now) but it should be way better to work with.
Also we improved the selection of the form editor, now the preferences have multiply choices "classic","modern" and "automatic"
With classic the 7.4 form editor will be opened by default, with modern the new HTML5 editor.
If you select "automatic" then it depends on the solution type or if the form is a responsive form what editor we will open, so we try to guess what is best.
All this can be overwritten by using the "switch" editor symbol, if you use that then you force for that form the editor to be the HTML5 or the classic editor and it will be opened like that the next time

InMemory datasources: In the developer you can design/specify the in memory datasources upfront that you are creating at run time.
This way you can already build forms, relations and valuelist on top of them without having to do that through the solution model at run time.
This is for the most part a developer only thing, at run time the in mem datasources that you create are done at the same way, we only use and warn the definition now at run time so that it is easier to create (you don't need to specify the types in dataset.createDataSource() because we already know them)

Component/Services and layouts of NGClient are now install-able through the WebPackageManager (context menu on a solution or webpackages node in the solex)
our own bootstrapcomponents and 12grid packages are now moved to that, they will now have there own release cycle, if you use currently the 12grid and/or bootstrapcomponents in your solution, you need to add the packages to your solution. This is also the other change in this area, we deprecated the services/components under the resources, now they are inside a solution so it is easier "ship-able" or "shareable".
If the community do want to add components/services or layouts to the index of the package manager, please contact us with the package your want to share and we will evaluate it and add it to the index.

OnDataChange on form level (besides the onfocus form stuff), so you can have 1 datachange validator function that gets called for any datachange on any of the form fields

Readonly tableviews (for performance in ngclient) now are editable but just the cell you click on. So by default a cell is just a <div> with the data but if you click/focus the cell it will become the textfield that you defined in the designer.

FormTemplates/FormComponents: this is still under construction and still can/will change, but the idea is that you can reuse templates of a form directly in a main form without the use of a tablesspanel with in that a form again. These FormTemplates don't have there own state or scripting (so forms.xxxx does not exist at run time). They are embedded into the main form as a component. This has great performance gains for the ngclient because we don't need to push a lot of form state and ask for form states because of all the nesting of forms that is done.

issues fixed:

[enh] SVY-8668 Ability to get a list of all parameters defined on a QBSelect

[fix] SVY-9937 The event form.onRecordSelection is fired before field.onDataChange for fields using calculation as dataprovider.
[fix] SVY-9755 text area in tableview doesn't gain focus when tabbing

[fix] SVY-10052 Webclient typeahead with valuelist by global method
[fix] SVY-10023 Inherited tab panels lose design time properties when the sub-form adds tabs to the panel.
[fix] SVY-9746 Images are not shown in tableView

[enh] SVY-9858 In a responsive form it is not possible to use icons on the tab headers
[enh] SVY-9514 today on calendar missing (NG client)
[enh] SVY-9396 Incorporate compilation of LESS to CSS inside the framework
[fix] SVY-9962 Nullpointer exception thrown in security manager when logging in after a previous failed attempt
[fix] SVY-9923 Cloning a form through the solution model doesn't copy eventHandlers correctly
[fix] SVY-9917 custom ng component with inlineScript & i18n : function = null
[fix] SVY-9909 Buttons on responsive forms cannot be disabled
[fix] SVY-9876 JSEvent onFocusLost for bootstrap's textbox is NULL
[fix] SVY-9866 The tabindex of the tab control is not updated correctly
[fix] SVY-9863 The tabindex of the tab control is persisted on page reload
[fix] SVY-9863 Using translated text on tab headers breaks tab content (responsive forms)
[fix] SVY-9850 Scrollbar properties mapping to CSS can lead to clipping
[fix] SVY-9822 Can't use solutionModel to set custom types properties in web components
[fix] SVY-9803 .svy-checkgroup multi-select & deselect all
[fix] SVY-9801 webComponent.setHandler(name, method) should wrap arguments
[fix] SVY-9787 Setting numeric value list items dynamically is causing problems
[fix] SVY-9784 Proper support for form onResize event in NGClient
[fix] SVY-9760 When using OnElementFocusLost, the dataprovider is not updated when using a format
[fix] SVY-9754 ngReadOnlyMode property not available in solution model
[fix] SVY-9714 When using U (uppercase) as format in NGclient on Android the cursor jumps to the start of the text after instering 2 characters
[fix] SVY-9699 Table view does not resize properly
[fix] SVY-9697 Error on cancel new record
[fix] SVY-9691 Bootstrap tabpanel does not trigger the onShow of the form at position 2
[fix] SVY-9627 Value list with over 6000 items is too slow
[fix] SVY-9626 Different behavior with lists in Smart Client or NG Client using Foreign Key of a different type from the Primary Key
[fix] SVY-9595 Switching between two tabs does not work well in the NG client
[fix] SVY-9590 The property editable of a combobox is not respected in NGClient
[fix] SVY-9444 Sort icon of grid columns are still visible when in edit is true
[fix] SVY-7889 Typeahead in NGclient doesn't show values when field gets focus

[fix] SVY-9666 UUID.toString() gives lowercase String on Postgresql's UUID type (Different Fix)
[fix] SVY-9732 war deployment : No repository found + already an object named 'servoy_content_spec'
[fix] SVY-9656 Keeping track and registering last accessed timestamp
[fix] SVY-9558 Solution Import issues with Servoy 8 and MySQ

[enh] SVY-9849 Show a sample app on first startup
[enh] SVY-9323 Offer option to also delete child elements when deleting a super element
[fix] SVY-9854 Translations can be lost in the i18n editor
[fix] SVY-9837 Unable to select value "-none-" from the list at tab relation name
[fix] SVY-9778 War Deployment not updating "Connection validation type" for DB server
[fix] SVY-9632 change mobile export wizard, as PhoneGap now requires config.xml
[fix] SVY-9535 if your solution type is of the type module it can not start in ng client
[fix] SVY-9493 Ability to configure what ends up in the Developer console
[fix] SVY-9476 Support all solution export options in the command-line exporters
[fix] SVY-9259 New editor - visible
[fix] SVY-9111 Should be possible to copy elements elements/structure(row/col/component) in a responsive form.

Previous release notes of 8: this page
Previous release notes of 7: this page

Re: Servoy 8.1 Release Candidate 1

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 3:22 pm
by jcompagner
Please wait a bit with installing the developer through the update site
The developer part is fine, but it seems that the update of the application server part is a bit broken with the bundled postgresql install (it deletes to many files)

Re: Servoy 8.1 Release Candidate 1

PostPosted: Thu Jun 23, 2016 4:38 pm
by jcompagner
The update problem is fixed, postgresql install should be kept as is.

Re: Servoy 8.1 Release Candidate 1

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2016 2:45 pm
by sbutler
Looking forward to seeing FormTemplates/FormComponents. Many times we use TabPanels just to get the re-use of parts of a layout. However each of those you add really slow things down now in NGClient. FormTemplates/FormComponents should solve that? I assume the content of this will be pushed in 1 call to get the template, instead of doing 1 call for each FormTemplates/FormComponents? So if you have 1 form, and on that form is 2 FormTemplates/FormComponents, there will be only 1 call done to retrieve the template for the form into the DOM? Those initial calls to get the form templates one at a time cause some initial slowness in our app.

Re: Servoy 8.1 Release Candidate 1

PostPosted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 8:58 pm
by dfernandez
Responsive forms do not show anything on the tools.

Re: Servoy 8.1 Release Candidate 1

PostPosted: Wed Jun 29, 2016 9:18 am
by lvostinar
dfernandez wrote:Responsive forms do not show anything on the tools.

They must be installed now from WebPackageManager, see info from initial post. We are improving this a bit, so when creating a responsive form we ask you to install right away.

Re: Servoy 8.1 Release Candidate 1

PostPosted: Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:21 pm
by IT2Be
The update does not work for me and I can only find Servoy 8.0.3. on the download pages.

What am I missing?

Re: Servoy 8.1 Release Candidate 1

PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 4:18 pm
by jcompagner
the download url for the rc is currently: ... taller.jar

Re: Servoy 8.1 Release Candidate 1

PostPosted: Fri Jul 15, 2016 10:17 pm
by IT2Be
Hi Johan,

Thank you, that one works :)