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Servoy 2019.09 release candidate 1

Postby jcompagner » Fri Aug 30, 2019 4:48 pm

We are pleased to announce the availability of Servoy 2019.09 release candidate 1 (release number 3520)

Besides the normal all in one installer we have: jar or exe
we have now installers per platform ( windows, osx, linux)

These installers are just zip/tar files that just needs extraction in a directory.
On OSX you need to run "firstuse.command" after extracting the tar.gz file and before starting the developer. This file is places in the root of the extracted files
An installation (coming from the normal installer or from a platform specific archive) is now shipping with with a Java VM (Java12.0.2)
So for the platform specific archives you don't need to install or java have on your system.
The all in one installer still needs java for itself.

In this release we also has an updated Chromium, that should work better on windows and linux, but osx is still not fully stable.

The developer can be updated by the ... ecandidate update site url.
This is in our "latest" release stream (06,09,12) if you want to stick the the lts release then disable that releasecandidate url and stick to the urls with "lts" in the name
If you update to this release you have to do a new install of 201903 to go back to an the LTS release branch

See whats new for the global (breaking)changes

See the issues list for a complete overview of all the cases
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