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Servoy 2023.03 release candidate 1

PostPosted: Mon Mar 13, 2023 6:48 pm
by jcompagner
We are pleased to announce the availability of Servoy 2023.3 release candidate 1 (release number 3840)

Make sure to update also Bootstrap, Boostrap Extra, Servoy Extra and NGGrid component packages to 2023.3, those need to be updated because of major releases of depedencies (Angular 15 and so on)
Older versions of those webpackages won't work in combination with Servoy 2023.3

See whats new for the global changes

See the issues list for a complete overview of all the cases including the list that are fixed for these RC's

For Windows the installer: exe
and for the MacOSX_86_64 we have an native dmg
and for the MacOSX_Aarch64 (M1) we have an native m1 dmg
for linux it is tar.gz

For windows we also still have just the zip

An installation (coming from the normal installer or from a platform specific archive) is shipping with with a Java VM (Java 17.0.5)

So for the platform specific archives you don't need to install or have java on your system.

The developer can be updated by the ... ecandidate update site url.
This is in our "latest" release stream (03,06,09,12) if you want to stick the LTS release then disable that releasecandidate url and stick to the urls with "lts" in the name
If you update to this release you have to do a new install of 2022.03.2_lts to go back to an the LTS release branch

it could be that the update fails if you come from a much older release (like 2021.06 -> 2022.12) that you can get errors like:

Code: Select all
An error occurred while collecting items to be installed
session context was:(profile=DefaultProfile, phase=org.eclipse.equinox.internal.p2.engine.phases.Collect, operand=, action=).
Problems downloading artifact: osgi.bundle,com.servoy.eclipse.core,2022.12.0.3840_rc.
Error reading signed content:C:\Users\jcomp\AppData\Local\Temp\signatureFile11879913363204093521.jar

Or that you can't install it completely (you can't pass the update dialog, because it says incompatibilities found)
This is because from 2022.12 on we depend on java 17. (so the developer that you run should already be on java 17)

You can fix both issues to first jump to an older version like a 2022.03.x release, you can do this by making this url:

first the only update site in the preferences -> install/update -> sites, so add that url and make sure that is the only one.

Then it updates to that release first, then you can enable the release_candidate url again.

Re: Servoy 2023.03 release candidate 1

PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2023 10:55 am
by architectscreation8
ok, thanks, will follow all necessary steps, guided by you.