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Servoy for ASP?

PostPosted: Fri Sep 05, 2003 11:47 pm
by JoelStoner
We make a product in FileMaker for a narrow vertical market . We've often entertained the idea of making an ASP version of this that we would host and sell buy monthly subscription. Obviously FM was not up to the task, but like many FM developers, we are taking a hard look at Servoy. What hardware and programming/architecture considerations are there, (or is even feasable) to re-writing our FM app as an ASP with Servoy? (FM is about all I know about databases so far- alot to learn).

1)How many user/companies could 1 server serve to safely and securely?
2)Since (as I understand it) the Servoy "client" is dispatched from the Server, would we be able to use "dynamic" licensing? ie: we have 1000+ companies, each with 1-20 users (let's say 2500 users total), but probably never more than 1000 single users at a time. Could we get a 1000 user license and "spread it around" as needed?
3) I just launched the Servoy Demo on my Mac G4 1000mhz. Just poking around at the different forms, it was WAY slow. I realize the data is coming from some server on the net (I have good-fast DSL), and I'm on a Mac (not great Java), but it was p r e t t y s l o w. Will this improve?


PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2003 9:37 pm
by Thunder
Although no speed demon, I think that the speed of the demo is fairly impressive... I am not sure how much this might change if there were many more records, however it works quite well. I am also using a 1000mhz G4 (Powerbook) and although slower than local solutions its fine. I have not tested it on my Athlon (1.6Ghz) at home but will to a speed check between that machine and my Mac. I imagine though that it will be fairly similar (based on my experiences of the Athlon vs the Macs at local data access of Servoy.

Will report later..

PostPosted: Mon Sep 08, 2003 9:44 pm
by admin
1) That depends on your solution. If your solution is optimized for wan deployment than a 2CPU server can easily handle 2000 users

2) yes, Servoy uses concurrent licensing so the model you describe is possible

3) The main speed issue is here the 400 ms delay between your IP and our server (in Europe) This is a total roundtrip time of nearly a second causing most of the delay you are experiencing. If you host in the same country as your users are located speed will be much better. Also Apple is still in progress of improving speed and stability of Java on Mac OS. Additionally we are implementing more caching techniques in Servoy client that will greatly improve loading speed.