Servoy 1.2RC2 (BETA) available

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Servoy 1.2RC2 (BETA) available

Postby Jan Aleman » Thu Sep 11, 2003 4:58 pm

We announce the immediate availability of Servoy 1.2RC2. NOTE: this is a beta, avoid using it on production data.
Make a backup of your current Servoy installation directory if you plan to upgrade or perform a clean installation into a new directory.
You can download the beta at:

Mac version: ... macosx.jar

Windows version: ... indows.exe

Linux and Unix version: ... _linux.jar

New in this build:

[enh]-support for relational operator = < > >= <= !=
[enh]-starting a client is possible with specifying a solution to load. Example to start crm: http://localhost:8080/jnlp/servoy_clien ... lution=crm
[enh]-added controller.addFilterParam('customerid', '=', 'BLONP'); for permanent filtering
[enh]-reduce/extend search via javascript
[enh]-import media dir using background thread
[bug]-fixed log table to be compatible with MSSQL
[enh]-db defined relations are now loaded in background
[bug]-better import separator support
[bug]-rollback does not update the slider to correct number (also must first saveData() before rollback otherwise that is again committed)
[bug]-onFocusGained and onFocusLost not always working
[enh]-Servoy Clients now work on internal and extenal network from same server
[bug]-Footer problem
[bug]-PrintPreview with 2 related records.
[bug]-find problems
[bug]-self join problem

KNOWN ISSUE with this build:
-Releases do not work

Also check the 1.1.1B6 message for earlier fixes.
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