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Send Visual FoxPro data to a Servoy web service.

PostPosted: Wed Sep 19, 2012 3:21 pm
by AlanBourke
This is a very simple example of sending Visual FoxPro data to a Servoy web service as JSON.

It comprises a Visual FoxPro project and associated 'customers.dbf in the attached

The attached vfpwebservicedemo.servoy file is a Servoy 6 solution to create the Servoy web service end of things.

So to test, do the following:

Unzip the Visual FoxPro project somewhere.

Open main.prg in Visual FoxPro and amended the variables at the top to reflect your own Servoy server name and port.

Build the Visual FoxPro project:

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Build App servoyjsondemo from servoyjsondemo

Import the Servoy solution into Servoy.

Start the Servoy solution (Smart or Web client, doesn't matter).

Execute from the Visual Foxpro command window.

If it comes back with OK - 200 then check the Servoy console window to check what was received.