Moving From db identity sequence to UUID's. Any Advice?

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Moving From db identity sequence to UUID's. Any Advice?

Postby chico » Wed Nov 14, 2012 10:43 pm

We're embarking on the task of moving to primary keys which use a UUID rather than a db identity sequence to be able to introduce syncing and offline functionality into our solution.

Does anyone have any do's or don'ts?

We are leaning toward making a new UUID PK column and the necessary UUID FK columns in our existing tables and NOT changing the existing column type and overwriting existing ID's with new ID's.

Is this a good idea?

Any better ideas?

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Re: Moving From db identity sequence to UUID's. Any Advice?

Postby mboegem » Thu Nov 15, 2012 12:59 am

A definitely 'do' is try to generate the UUID directly via SQL
After that update al your new UUID fl-columns also using SQL

I used the above approach duplicating lots of records in order to copy metadata from 1 user profile to the other.
I don't remember the exact difference in speed doing it from within Servoy vs. raw SQL, but raw SQL managed to do this in just a couple of seconds (all depending on the number of records of course)

Another 'do' is:
if you didn't already used it, try to (re)write all your custom queries as prepared statements.
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