Print a PDF directly from Servoy to a printer

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Print a PDF directly from Servoy to a printer

Postby martinh » Wed Jan 11, 2012 10:54 am

When I want to print a pdf directly to a printer, then I've found 2 possibilities:

* Call Jasper Report plugin and let Jasper directly print to a printer
* Call Jasper Report plugin. Store the result on the server and later print the PDF using some OS depending executable program (but that is not the way I prefer), like this:

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//send the PDF to the printer
application.executeProgram( '/usr/bin/lpr', "-T", jobName, "-P", printerName, "-#" , printQuantity, "-o", "media=" + printerTray, jobName );

As far as I understood, the PDF-Output plugin is not any use here, even when it uses terms like "PrintJob" (which is a wrong term here I think, because this is not a real print job)

I would like to know if there will we soon a plugin which you can call with a filename and a printer and that this plugin prints the file.
This plugin should also be able to show a print dialog (so that you can for example change the print orientation), but this should also be scriptable without dialog.

Is such a plugin available (external plugin) or will such a plugin be available soon in a next version of Servoy (for ex. 6.1)
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