Hibernate | Full-text search for ORM entities

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Hibernate | Full-text search for ORM entities

Postby jcarlos » Thu May 11, 2023 9:06 pm

We all know that Servoy uses Hibernate ORM entities for converting SQL queries on the fly. Now, we might be able to do some query on the Apache Lucene and Elasticsearch engine indexes. Hibernate has a product for automatic indexing of Hibernate ORM entities into full text search indexes.


- Declarative mapping of entity properties to index fields, either through annotations or a programmatic API.
- On-demand mass indexing of all entities in the database, to initialize the indexes with pre-existing data.
- On-the-fly automatic indexing of entities modified through a Hibernate ORM session, to always keep the indexes up-to-date.
- A Search DSL to easily build full-text search queries and retrieve the hits as Hibernate ORM entities.

Feature idea: Full-text search for entities in Servoy. This may be a really cool feature in Servoy.

See: https://hibernate.org/search/

What do you think?

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