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Accounting module

PostPosted: Wed Jul 01, 2009 3:05 am
by full_noize
Has anyone produced a solid, reliable accounting system that could be isolated to an 'easy' (doesn't have to invlove no work!) to integrate module in Servoy? It would have to be tried, tested and as robust as possible. The ability to scale well would be nice, but if it doesn't, we could still work with it. By 'scale', I mean multiple braches and cost centres etc.

I am willing to discuss an arrangement of benefit to both parties, if you have something please contact me.

Re: Accounting module

PostPosted: Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:54 pm
by dpearce
did you get an answer to this? or have you commissioned one.

I could really do with an accounting module, rather than continuing to reinvent the wheel.

Is anyone working on any accounts modules in servoy out there?


Re: Accounting module

PostPosted: Mon Aug 08, 2011 1:06 pm
by full_noize
Hi David,

No, never got any reply. It'd be great to have one, but developing it would be difficult on your own. Could be a good community project perhaps? To do it properly, you'd need an accountant involved somewhere.