[TIP] Comment you custom queries

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[TIP] Comment you custom queries

Postby ngervasi » Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:57 pm

Very simple but useful hint: when you use custom queries, append a comment to the query, it will be useful when you will be debugging or profiling using the Servoy Admin Stats pages to figure out why that query is executed and when. The sintax to use is " -- Place your comment here".


Code: Select all
SELECT sintpro_mods.sintpro_core_settings.default_mac_css, sintpro_mods.sintpro_core_settings.default_win_css, sintpro_mods.sintpro_core_settings.default_web_css FROM sintpro_mods.sintpro_core_settings ORDER BY sintpro_mods.sintpro_core_settings.sintpro_core_setting_id ASC -- CSS override

SELECT sintpro_mods.sintpro_users.sintpro_user_id, sintpro_mods.sintpro_users.flag_enabled, sintpro_mods.sintpro_groups.sintpro_group_id, sintpro_mods.sintpro_groups.flag_enabled, sintpro_mods.sintpro_groups.table_filters_switch, sintpro_mods.sintpro_databases.db_connection, sintpro_mods.sintpro_databases.database_name, sintpro_mods.sintpro_groups.id_ext_group, sintpro_mods.sintpro_databases.schema_name FROM sintpro_mods.sintpro_users INNER JOIN sintpro_mods.sintpro_groups ON sintpro_mods.sintpro_users.id_group = sintpro_mods.sintpro_groups.sintpro_group_id INNER JOIN sintpro_mods.sintpro_databases ON sintpro_mods.sintpro_groups.tenant_id = sintpro_mods.sintpro_databases.sintpro_database_id WHERE sintpro_mods.sintpro_users.sintpro_user_id = ? -- Framework init
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