Important plugin developer notice for Servoy 4.0

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Important plugin developer notice for Servoy 4.0

Postby Jan Blok » Wed May 14, 2008 11:05 pm

Due to the fact our new eclipse developer is not itself client, the
call sequence for IClientPlugin is changed.

Old behaviour: (classic developer)
1) initialize(...) is called after construction/load calls, before any use, with an IClientPluginAccess instance argument.
2) followed by calls to getName/getImage/getScriptObject

New behaviour: (eclipse version)
1) Only calls getName/getImage/getScriptObject to be able to build the tree
initialize(...) is only called before a plugin is used from a (debug) client

At runtime (application server-client) nothing is changed.

Also the IDeveloperPlugin is not supported anymore in eclipse, developer plugins have to become eclipse plugins. To our knowledge the developer plugin interface was hardly used by any one, so dropping support did not seems to be a problem to us. If there are people having big trouble by this please let us know.
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