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Write File to Server

Postby david.pearce » Wed Jun 04, 2014 6:56 pm


I am wanting to write a file to the server, but pause until it is written, so I can check it is 100% there before the user moves on.
Using the streaming file write function i can get this to work, but it is asynchronous, so I would prefer to use the it2be plugin so i mark the app as busy until written, read its size or something to flag to the user a file of Xmb was written.

The only issue is I cannot appear to get the simple writeFile routing to work.

I have a byte array passed to my script. I even tried to write it to a local file and then read the bytes.

When i pass it to the plugin, it saves a file of 10k with an array in it like '@123bd3'

I must be doing something stupid, as I am sure this plugin must work!

plugins.it2be_tools.server().writeFile(_dir + 'test.pdf',_file)

whether I use _file (which is a good pdf byte array passed to the script) or read for f.getBytes()

it writes a file but as above just puts an array in the file not the file!

I attach the code I am using semi-successfully as this only works with the file streaming plugin not the it2be one.

If anyone has any sample code they use, I would be grateful for it. Just one of those where i am banging my head against a brick wall


Code: Select all
* @param {JSRecord<db:/reportwriter/so_records>||JSRecord<db:/practicemanager/printq>} _record
* @param {Array<byte>} _file
* @param {Boolean} [_del]
* @properties={typeid:24,uuid:"1CB0A355-5D78-469B-93C7-E71CE56159F2"}
function write_file(_record, _file, _del) {

   var _id = _record.id
   var _type = _record.filetype
   var _filename = _record.id.toString()
   var _table = databaseManager.getDataSourceTableName(_record.foundset.getDataSource())

   // Create the JSFile instance based on the file name.
   var oldfile;
   var f = plugins.file.createTempFile('myfile', '.' + _type);

   if (!plugins.file.writeFile(f, _file))
      application.output('Failed to write the file.');
   if (_id) {
      /* @type {String} */
      var _idstr = _id.toString()
      var _length = _idstr.length
      var _dir;
      if (_del == true) {
         oldfile = _filename
         _filename = 'DEL_' + _filename
      _dir = getDir(_id, _table)

   //   _dir = plugins.file.getDefaultUploadLocation() + _dir
   //   application.output(_dir + '--' + _filename + '--' + f.getBytes())
   //   plugins.it2be_tools.server().createDirectory(_dir)
   //   plugins.it2be_tools.server().writeFile(_dir + _filename + '.' + _type, _file)

   plugins.file.streamFilesToServer(f, _dir + _filename + '.' + _type)

   if (_del == true) {
      _dir = plugins.file.getDefaultUploadLocation() + _dir
      plugins.it2be_tools.server().deleteFile(_dir + oldfile + '.' + _type)

   //plugins.file.streamFilesToServer(f, _dir + _filename + '.' + _type, uploadCallback)

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Re: Write File to Server

Postby david » Wed Jun 04, 2014 8:01 pm

I would stick with the streaming/async approach. Use the busy plugin to block the UI when the process starts and in the streaming callback method release the UI block.
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Re: Write File to Server

Postby mboegem » Thu Jun 05, 2014 1:01 am

david.pearce wrote:Using the streaming file write function i can get this to work, but it is asynchronous, so I would prefer to use the it2be plugin so i mark the app as busy until written

I have no experience with the IT2Be stream files to server functionality, I always use the Usermanager plugin to stream files to server.
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Re: Write File to Server

Postby jesse » Fri Oct 13, 2017 7:57 pm

Is there also a way to upload files to the server through a byte array? Instead of a file on disk?
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