Displaying social networks

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Displaying social networks

Postby antonio » Thu Jan 08, 2015 1:46 pm

Does anyone know of a plugin or bean that can graphically display interconnectedness of data points. Even better if it's possible via the GUI to add and edit data, and create links between records. See the screen shot attached. I also want to show alternative views, e.g. a timeline view, a cluster view.

Data schema would be a table of records that form the nodes on the display, with another table as a joinfile that records the links between the nodes, to allow for many to many relationships between individual nodes.

I've had a poke around the web and found some utilities with java bindings that may have potential


and http://www.graphviz.org

but I have no idea if they are suitable to use with Servoy. Free is preferred but commercial is okay too.
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