Digital River's Unfair Business Practices

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Digital River's Unfair Business Practices

Postby kwpsd » Wed Sep 30, 2015 9:45 pm

Warning to our fellow Servoy developers...

We use IT2BE's products which are sold and managed by Digital River's (DR) share-it! services. We received e-mail notification from DR that an IT2BE renewal fee for USD 148.21 was due but our company credit card on file with them had expired. We immediately updated our DR account with new credit card information, however, DR refused to process the USD 148.21 charge stating the following:

We have double checked our commerce system to see if it is possible to re-process the renewal attempt, however, no option is provided.

They further said:

To continue with the service, a new order may need to be placed since the renewal attempt of your order was not successfully processed.

and sent a link to the new order web site page:

The new order is for USD 490.23.

We contacted Marcel Trapman at IT2BE about this problem, and he suggested we contact them to work things out, adding that DR was the reseller and that here wasn't much he could do. Our second contact with DR faired no better and, again, they said we would have to re-purchase the product for USD 490.23.

We will NEVER do business with Digital River again!
Kim W. Premuda
San Diego, CA USA
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Re: Digital River's Unfair Business Practices

Postby mboegem » Thu Oct 01, 2015 12:24 am

Hi Kim,

thnkx for the warning.
You might want to try Twitter if DR is on there.
Sometimes a good webcare team is willing to take that extra step to customer satisfaction...
Marc Boegem
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