Plugin with associated dll

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Plugin with associated dll

Postby GabrielWyss » Thu Dec 07, 2017 9:08 am

I want to use a plugin from Chilkat Software.
This has for Windows together with the .jar also a .dll and for Mac a .jnilib file.
According to the instructions for Windows ( ... indows.asp) the dynamic library (dll) has to be loaded first.
I tried this like: ("c:/Servoy/Servoy8/application_server/plugins/chilkat.dll");
var ckHttp = new ();

The plugin is recognized because I have code completion for ckHttp.
The first command can be executed. The dll seams to be loaded. At least it is in use for the filesystem.
The second command aborts the function without a message. There is also no entry in the log.

Can someone help me?

Gabriel Wyss
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