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Postby jcompagner » Wed Mar 31, 2021 5:58 pm

We are pleased to announce the availability of Servoy 2021.03 (release number 3642)

Look at the whats new for more info about the 2021.03.x changes
For all fixes in this release see issues list.

This version is available through the the download site

We ship only installers, so for windows an exe file and for osx a dmg, for linux we have a archive tar file.

The full installers/archives are only for new installs, never use that to update/overwrite an existing install, existing installations should always be updated through the "check for updates".
This release can be updated by using the "latest" url: (when you come from 2019.03 or higher)
This release is build on Eclipse 2020.09 (4.17)

If check for updates says there are no updates, then it could be a caching problem of eclipse, please restart the developer once and try again.

We ship a java with our installation (Java 15.0.2). So there doesn't need to be a java installed on the system anymore.
Also with a next update, we can update the java version with it so no need to keep it up to date yourself anymore.

This is a release in our quarterly release cycle, if you want to stay on the LTS path you need to stick to 2020.03.2 and enabled only the lts update site.
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