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Servoy 4.0.1

Postby svroemisse » Thu Aug 28, 2008 3:29 pm

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Servoy 4.0.1.

Make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before installing.

This version is available through the download page on the Servoy website (developer section). This version will also be available through auto update shortly.

[new] case 127583: 'new' button on toolbar to create form, valuelist, relation, etc.
[new] case 135784: added a 'defer' boolean argument to controller.sort() to set sorting order for the next query
[new] case 138756: made editing of "" and "user." possible in admin page
[new] case 151382: DBTreeView bean: function to remove a column
[new] case 153629: toggle form commands missing

[enh] case 117720: support selectedIndex in bgrowColorCalc in web client tableview
[enh] case 129908: some code coloring is missing
[enh] case 131490: add export to .servoy file to context menu of active solution in the solution explorer
[enh] case 139898: show HEAD node in checkout wizard to make it explicit you always want to work on the latest code
[enh] case 140448: asking to launch a client while having errors in the project (for warnings, this is configurable in preferences)
[enh] case 141813: table-events editor doesn't immediately save changes anymore
[enh] case 143737: active solution node is expanded by default in solution explorer
[enh] case 147338: missing functionality for media: import from directory
[enh] case 147919: ignore whitespace in team compare
[enh] case 148254: better dialog warning for the irreversibility of unsharing a solution -> if unshare then checkout the project is not overwritten anymore
[enh] case 148859: separate node for views in table select dialog
[enh] case 149614: integration with cvs/subversion history in form editor
[enh] case 151073: media files in the media library cannot be renamed

[chg] case 149908: allow creation of related record flag in relations by default enabled
[chg] case 154226: let runtime builder database file picker start in database directory
[chg] allow multiple column difference error markers to be fixed at once using one of the available quick-fixes

[fix] case 50297: please keep "Enable Debugger" state when opening solution
[fix] case 63786: styleclasses not filtered for a form itself
[fix] case 99292: bugs about formatted text (html and rtf fields)
[fix] case 118469: web client typeAhead field receives does not entire list when focused
[fix] case 120809: strange background behaviour with radiobuttons and checkboxes
[fix] case 121861: better calculation error detection
[fix] case 139136: solution explorer filter: text paste in the filterfield doesn't work
[fix] case 140211: PDF forms served via the pdf_forms plugin loaded over https won't open on IE
[fix] case 140326: form designer: dialog dimensions are not saved
[fix] case 140471: proper handling of canceling during team commit
[fix] case 140679,141591: readOnly not always applied on combobox and calendar fields
[fix] case 141313: typeahead field without valuelist, values in pop-up are not sorted
[fix] case 141419: table editor description field takes too much space
[fix] case 141428: related record through selfjoin returns previous record when accessing it in the onRecordSelection event on the parent form
[fix] case 141909: problems creating global objects in globals.js
[fix] case 142105: problems after renaming resources project
[fix] case 142273: creating form variables
[fix] case 142610: install error on non-english Windows
[fix] case 143367: various problem view issues
[fix] case 143387: non-standard GUI in solution export window
[fix] case 143741: module editor on solutions doesn't show solution modules that are not present in the workspace
[fix] case 144538: strange corners on rounded rectangles in form editor
[fix] case 144555: tab to text area fields
[fix] case 146160: dbi files are wrongfully deleted in synchronize when database server is flagged invalid
[fix] case 146393: problem pane does not show missing relationships
[fix] case 146637: disable 'Runtime builder' export option if runtime builder hasn't been installed
[fix] case 146638: mail plugin, mail subject not encoded correctly, if you want to transmit mail messages in a certain charset, that charset must be specified in the mail.mime.charset property on the admin page
[fix] case 146639: element.setLocation() and element.setSize() different behaviour in smart client and web client
[fix] case 146715: leaving login form does not work if login is already done in onLoad or onShow
[fix] case 146834: duplicate media shows as error
[fix] case 147009: bean functions display differently in 4.0 than 3.5
[fix] case 147046: forms lose background color from style sheet in web client
[fix] case 147288: onerror method not called when having sql syntax error in databasemanager.getDataSetByQuery(...)
[fix] case 147337: team synchronizing - not a valid conflict
[fix] case 147385: new Servoy exceptions NOT returning true for isServoyException(...)
[fix] case 147458: getname() returns null for text fields on tableview form
[fix] case 147623: drop down calendar: accented characters are not correctly shown in calendar dropdown
[fix] case 148036: numeric column issues using Oracle
[fix] case 148132: can't read i18n database
[fix] case 148202: solution media fails to import
[fix] case 148458,151565: no onTabChange event
[fix] case 148472: script stacktraces are missing in console when an error happens
[fix] case 148502: If you create a Sybase database using Servoy, the log path is not relative
[fix] case 148612,154699: OS X: debugging tools not available when application.showFormInDialog() - modal FormInDialogs lock developer and debugger on OS X
[fix] case 148717: search on datefield entered by method does not work, default format is not used
[fix] case 148965: no prompt asking to save after making changes to column description in 4.0
[fix] case 149519: plugins.mail.createTextAttachment file name doesn't work for Japanese text
[fix] case 149535: solution export fails from developer
[fix] case 149536: create log table context menu-item on log server node
[fix] case 150072: sub-menus created with menu plugin in 4.0 do not respond to a click.
[fix] case 150685: clicking on white space around options in a radio button field blanks out one of the radio options
[fix] case 150875: dash not shown correctly in valuelist
[fix] case 150986: web client buttons with image do not grey-out
[fix] case 151249: label display tags issue with form variables
[fix] case 151379: JSplitPane working fine in developer but not working in server
[fix] case 151383: Servoy log file is created in developer folder, should be server directory
[fix] case 152336: labels DO wrap in webclient
[fix] case 152406: web client: DbTreeView bean seems to have lost state due to designer updates
[fix] case 152452: style is different between smartclient and webclient - margin (padding) wasnt taken into account with calculating the size (height)
[fix] case 152800: sort function does not work on a column in a dataset
[fix] case 152992: table header sort icon made smaller
[fix] case 153395: focusFirstField does not work in listview
[fix] case 153411: in database preferences column lenght does not correspond with the databse
[fix] case 153757: debugger stops working at random intervals
[fix] case 153919: combobox in web client shows the selection again
[fix] case 153960: vertical scrollbars are not drawn in web client when a form is inside a tab panel
[fix] case 154241: the variables list in the debug perspective shows all variables twice: once by index, once by name - only name is wanted
[fix] case 154845: attaching onRecordEditStart method on list view requires extra click
[fix] case 155031: wrong operator selected in relation view for operators 'like' and 'not like'
[fix] case 155415: solution import error on sample data
[fix] after copy/paste of form element the original element was removed during save
[fix] case 155507: tableview search uses relation without reason
[fix] case 156058: row bg color hides images in web client
[fix] case 156072: elements with dataprovider null don't display well in web client
[fix] case 156388: bug_db.db cannot launch under dbsrv9
[fix] case 156454: schema name not honored when creating tables with system user on Oracle

API Changes
[chg] JSDatabaseManager.getDataSetByQuery() now throws an exception rather than returning a dataset containing an error.

Changes in previous release
Contains all changes as seen in 3.5.7
Servoy 4.0.0 release notes
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Re: Servoy 4.0.1

Postby pcm » Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:31 am

Hi All,
How can i download Servoy 4.0.1?

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Re: Servoy 4.0.1

Postby svroemisse » Fri Aug 29, 2008 8:55 am

pcm wrote:How can i download Servoy 4.0.1?

You can either download the full installer from - or you can update your 4.0.0 install like so:

- on Windows and Mac OS X, double-click the servoy_updater.jar that's located in your Servoy 4.0.0 install directory
- on Linux, open a terminal and enter the following:
Code: Select all
cd <servoy install directory>
java -jar servoy_updater.jar
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Re: Servoy 4.0.1

Postby pcm » Fri Aug 29, 2008 9:39 am


Thanks for quick reply....
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Re: Servoy 4.0.1

Postby amcgilly » Tue Dec 16, 2008 2:33 am

Question about the built-in help system under 4.0.1. I can't seem to search in the Servoy help - it never finds any results even though I'm looking for words that I know are there. Thanks.
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