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Postby martinh » Tue Jul 26, 2011 7:49 pm

rafig wrote:Hi,
[fix] 364090 Committed changes are lost after restart application server

This has just reminded me that I still seem to be having this as a problem.
When I upload a new release of a solution with new default values for columns (e.g. set to 0, or set to lookup value), if I restart the Service after the solution has been imported, it 'loses' the defaults I had just set.
What can I do to make those defaults 'stick'?




That was exactly the case. As far as I can see it is almost fully fixed now in 5.2.9
Just this creationOrderIndex is not being updated, but this doesn't affect your program
Since update 5.2.9 I haven't lost those defaults, but I must also say that the last months, we didn't work with multiple developers.
So maybe there is still such an issue, but it doesn't appear with single developer.

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