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Servoy 6.0.8

Postby Jan Blok » Fri Oct 05, 2012 8:47 am

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Servoy 6.0.8 release (releaseNumber 1237).

This version is available through the download option on the Servoy website and auto-update.
Always make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before installing/upgrading.
To update a Servoy eclipse open Check for updates via help menu.

All the issues addressed:

Client Changes
[fix] SVY-2996 Wrong rounding in utils.numberformat
[fix] SVY-2964 The function utils.stringToNumber has been changed between Servoy 5.x and Servoy 6.x. In Servoy 6.x is now uses the locale to find out the decimalseperator. This will break existing code
[fix] SVY-2911 foundset.getSelectedIndex() returns 1 after LoadRecords with an empty datsaset
[fix] SVY-2803 seemingly trims blanks
[fix] SVY-2784 getSelectedIndexes() - setSelectedIndexes tooltip is a bit confusing
[fix] SVY-2783 setSelectedIndexes doesn't work
[fix] SVY-2760 Changes made in dialog forms are saved in the database even when auto-save is disabled and databaseManager.saveData is not called if the dialog is closed using the X button.
[fix] SVY-2739 Typeahead and wildcards
[fix] SVY-2716 fallbacklist is not used when the displaytype is textfield
[fix] SVY-2682 Navigator increases by 4 px every time it is loaded from another form
[fix] SVY-2674 text_area rollback bug
[fix] SVY-2637 Tooltip text not beign shown when rollover image specified
[fix] SVY-2603 TYPE_AHEAD Integer Field with Custom valuelist problem

Web Client Changes
[fix] SVY-3050 table view in web client with one of the columns as html area prevents the selection of the row
[fix] SVY-3034 JavaException: org.apache.wicket.WicketRuntimeException: After 1 minute the Pagemap null is still locked by: Thread[http-8999-13,5,main], giving up trying to get the page for path: 3
[fix] SVY-3006 Script errors in IE8
[fix] SVY-2924 Type-ahead list does (most of the time) not appear in IE8
[fix] SVY-2893 Image media fields are not printed from web client
[fix] SVY-2808 Version 6.0.7, WebClient and visible property in fields
[fix] SVY-2585 JSWindow.setSize() does not work in Webclient.
[fix] SVY-2580 checkbox titleText doesn't change with onDatachange
[fix] SVY-2459 barcode font will not display in most situations
[fix] SVY-2610 Date format in webclient is not overwritten when typing a date

Developer Changes
[fix] SVY-3068 databaseManager.createDataSourceByQuery Needs Type Hinting
[fix] SVY-2687 warning not showing in problems window
[fix] SVY-2326 typeof(cString) = 'object' if cString contains a bunch of " ( . |"
[fix] SVY-1730 "Run > External Tools" is missing
[fix] SVY-3099 TRend Micro Titanium 2013 reports Servoy.EXE (Developer) as a threat.

Server Changes
[fix] SVY-2954 Servoy does not handle searching on clob fields properly
[fix] SVY-2719 Cannot import crm sample solution on oracle
[fix] SVY-2384 When deploying solution on Oracle DB, "db identity" columns are not set to "servoy sequence", although Servoy tells me it has done so
[fix] SVY-2389 Exporter.bat does not work with our solutions

Plugin Changes
[fix] SVY-2904 Bug in rawSQL plugin when used in conjunction with databaseManager.switchServer() and an active transaction.
[fix] SVY-2861 java error "has no public instance field or method named " using the serializer
[fix] SVY-2649 elements.dbtreeview.setRowHeight(35) does not work in web-client
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Jan Blok
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Re: Servoy 6.0.8

Postby jbader1345741274 » Fri Oct 05, 2012 2:19 pm

[fix] SVY-3068 databaseManager.createDataSourceByQuery Needs Type Hinting

Working well. Thank you for this fix!
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Re: Servoy 6.0.8

Postby dpearce » Sun Oct 07, 2012 11:35 am

Button labels no longer disappearing on developer.

Thanks for this fix guys.

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