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Postby admin » Wed Apr 28, 2004 5:05 pm

Servoy 2.0 Final is now available for download.

We would like to thank all beta testers for testing all the beta versions.

Make a backup of your current Servoy installation directory if you plan to upgrade or perform a clean installation into a new directory.

You can download Servoy 2.0 from the download section on the developer website at:

Enhancements and fixes:

[enh]-Export sampledata with solution
[enh]-Form by query
[enh]-Matching columnames at import
[enh]-Method tab titles can now display formnames (optionally via preference menu)
[enh]-added "-upgradeRepository" flag to server start argument to let the server upgrade the repository.
[enh]-added application.executeProgramInBackground(...)
[enh]-added context menu to show a form via a form node
[enh]-application.writeXMLFile('text.xml',thexml) //writes with the file with encoding as specified in the xml
[enh]-change printer using a method
[enh]-checkboxes/radiobuttons do wrap_horizontal when vertical scrollbar is to never or does layout wrap_vertical when horizontal scrollbar is set to never
[enh]-create temporary files: var tempFileName = application.createTempFile('myfile','pdf')
[enh]-databasesManager.convertToDataSet(...) ... c&start=15
[enh]-date chooser improvements (null == current date, today button, next (or prev) month switches year when needed)
[enh]-db dependent layer (hibernate), repository on Sybase and firebird 1.5 also work now
[enh]-delete of multiple media's at once in media dialog
[enh]-developer option to use system page setup dialog
[enh]-double click on method type properties
[enh]-enabled/disable checkbox for database server connections
[enh]-encrypted ssl communication between server and client
[enh]-expand/collapse arrows in the debugger window added to splitpanes.
[enh]-file plugin
[enh]-font lookups changed, to support the different naming on different platforms
[enh]-get server time: application.getServerTimeStamp()
[enh]-global rename in dataprovider dialog
[enh]-global search replace in method editor
[enh]-images improvements (best of old and new world)
[enh]-indicate SSL use
[enh]-it is now possible to use non related tab panels
[enh]-losing database connection overnight
[enh]-mail plugin supports attachements
[enh]-major image display improvement
[enh]-more functions on security node
[enh]-more tooltip texts
[enh]-more undo in the codeeditor, added menu items in edit menu
[enh]-place image with correct size
[enh]-portals elements are now in the accessible in javascript (under elements node)
[enh]-possible to exclude elements from the tab sequence
[enh]-possible to provide initial value to application.showColorChooser(...)/showFontChooser(...)
[enh]-possiblity to clear warnings in status via context menu
[enh]-readOnly property on form and elements
[enh]-refresh more than one record at once
[enh]-relation editable on portal
[enh]-relation spec tooltip in relation overview dialog
[enh]-remove solution protection (if password is known)
[enh]-request last job name on scheduler plugin
[enh]-return false; in form.onHide stops hiding (when for example in dialog)
[enh]-scheduler plugin needs get last runned cron job and args to method
[enh]-scrolling improved in printpreview/designer
[enh]-server plugin properties are shown admin page
[enh]-show solution name on debugger window
[enh]-stored procedure and database functions call changed (in/output params, must specify the complete call string like "{? = call sp_calcTotal(?,?)}".
[enh]-stored procedure calling now possible with databaseManager.executeStoredProcedure(...)
[enh]-storedProcdure support in databaseManager
[enh]-support for font dialog popup: var font = application.showFontDialog()
[enh]-tabpanel tab coloring possible via JavaScript
[enh]-time can be changed in datechooser if format contains time portion
[enh]-updates via SQL
[enh]-use of system page setup dialog is now optional in developer preferences (apple did required special one, windows can still use system dialog)
[enh]-var thexml = controller.printXML()
[enh]-warning dialog when sliding fields overlap each other
[enh]-windowMenuDialog is not longer modal and can be used for fast switching between forms during designing forms.
[enh]-you can now use alt-arrow left and right keys to navigate history
[enh]-zooming in printpreview is now working
[fix]-1 or 0 also seens as boolean with element boolean values.
[fix]-Can't create a field after deleting one first...
[fix]-Changes not reflecting even after solution flushing
[fix]-Checkbox also works on strings ("1" == selected)
[fix]-Custom controllers in formdialog not showing
[fix]-Deleting New record direct after creation did not work
[fix]-Don't show ID in combo when readonly (if display/real are different)
[fix]-Draw grid as lines instead of dots?
[fix]-Dynamic global variables (globals.XXX = 'yyy' possible when XXX is not defined)
[fix]-Empty choices not visible anymore in solution settings start/stop methods
[fix]-FTP bean does not work on servoy client
[fix]-Fix for breakpoints suddenly stopping one line above the visible breakpoint after design>browse switch
[fix]-Globals and empty foundset
[fix]-Image disappearing in developer fix
[fix]-Import changes
[fix]-Javascript Engine fix, Datatypes (String/Number/Dates)
[fix]-Last row not imported from excel file
[fix]-MSSQL Server problem when a report is using subsum icw 2 sort columns
[fix]-MSSQL Server solution import problems
[fix]-MYSQL Database Defined Relations Problem
[fix]-Margin property
[fix]-Memory leaks and
[fix]-Memory usage
[fix]-Problems with maximum aggregation
[fix]-Radio/Checkbox component fixes
[fix]-RelatedFoundSets aren't updated icw foundSetUpdater
[fix]-Resizing the property editor of a dataprovider/field
[fix]-Save/onchange data fixes
[fix]-Scrolling in HTML fields not working
[fix]-Stackoverflow error with circular relations.
[fix]-Tabpanel tooltip
[fix]-The combo's list uses the format now
[fix]-Tracking fixes
[fix]-Tracking strange behaviour
[fix]-about window
[fix]-added fields in admin page for SMTP authentication
[fix]-align on combobox
[fix]-alignment didn't work properly on combobox
[fix]-allow separator in valuelist which use real and display value
[fix]-assigning value to global variable
[fix]-better "number" database type support
[fix]-better documentation for JSTable/JSColumn
[fix]-better handling of developer errors
[fix]-better new row support
[fix]-bgcolor behavior change
[fix]-breakpoints set when in design mode are remembered
[fix]-calculation fix when based on aggregations
[fix]-changed storing and display of numbers
[fix]-check relations if rename of globals and delete of globals or columns
[fix]-click on label in tableview empties dataprovider used on same label
[fix]-clients are not cleared in admin page
[fix]-column properties lost in Servoy 2.0 rc1
[fix]-combobox renderer under win lnf value dissappears in portal table
[fix]-crc mismatch when an empty media is used
[fix]-current record lost in printpreview
[fix]-custom queries with dates as question argument replacements used to fail
[fix]-debugger has no longer one line mismatch
[fix]-debugger improved (play of globals, resume/stop of scripts)
[fix]-debugger output screen
[fix]-delete in tableview/portal can trigger "can't save data" fix
[fix]-deletion of table columns are automaticly reflected in method editor
[fix]-disappearing rows in the popup of the Combox
[fix]-doubleclicking a selected valuelist
[fix]-duplicate form bug
[fix]-duplicate users names are not allowed in security
[fix]-duplicating a method and renameing
[fix]-extends search did not always work from JavaScript
[fix]-extract style slowness
[fix]-find on not used foundset failed
[fix]-fixed use of drawings in portals
[fix]-form dialog on wrong location
[fix]-formatting allows neg sign in as suffix
[fix]-formatting can handle display and edit formats separatly
[fix]-found workaround for menu bars graying out under the mac 1.4.2 release
[fix]-getColumnName does not return first column
[fix]-global relation are now really global, anywhere useable (not longer bound to table)
[fix]-globals methods are moved in submenu if over 20 present
[fix]-if (dateCalc <= endDate) now works
[fix]-import problem
[fix]-in datefield when value is null the format is shown
[fix]-in loading more plugins/beans in background
[fix]-invalid relatations always displayed at the root of the relations dialog
[fix]-issue in sequence auto assinging to PK columns
[fix]-javascript splice on java native arrays
[fix]-lazy blob loading did not work for related data
[fix]-line clipping
[fix]-loading image refresh problem
[fix]-loosing default printer in print dialog
[fix]-mediafield not accessible for javascript
[fix]-method editor does not show
[fix]-name mixup when global exists with same name as column
[fix]-no paints anymore when running a script when not wanted (no call to updateUI)
[fix]-no progress shown when creating new release after export
[fix]-plugin API now also exposes "final fields"
[fix]-plugins.http.getMediaData and outofmemory
[fix]-portal foundset issue ... light=rc12
[fix]-portal printing fail on mac.
[fix]-possibility to create empty valuelists
[fix]-possible to mark a column as db identity
[fix]-postgress/mysql upgrade failures
[fix]-print preview in client does not show
[fix]-printing of portals did not use smart-break (and not always did show all records)
[fix]-printpreview zoom adapts to printScale
[fix]-problem with portal
[fix]-problem with resizing font dialog
[fix]-radio and check boxes always in black
[fix]-radios/checks focus gained after change data
[fix]-readOnly icw find/search
[fix]-rectangles/media fields are now showing all JavaScript methods in code editor
[fix]-refresh problems of calculations/aggregations
[fix]-related calculated field display issue
[fix]-related search not working correctly
[fix]-relations dialog stays empty when one or more relations are invalid
[fix]-repainting components after size/location changes
[fix]-reporting grandtotal was not working in all cases
[fix]-request focus change
[fix]-requestFocus now also works in table/list-view
[fix]-restart from within service is now working
[fix]-savedata shortcut key 'F6' in Developer is now working
[fix]-search/replace memory improvements
[fix]-searching via a relation based on a global
[fix]-security dialog/import issue ... ight=#3930
[fix]-security didn't work properly in b6
[fix]-security.createGroup/user is not reflected in dialog until application is restarted
[fix]-setting a field via global relation when no records are present was ignored
[fix]-showing calendar from dialog issues addressed
[fix]-showing images in label problem
[fix]-some concurrent modification exception fixes
[fix]-sort does load all records in tableview
[fix]-sort keeps selected record if possible
[fix]-sort on form icw empty foundset did return all records
[fix]-sorting in related tabpanel shows all records
[fix]-special matte values are not remembered
[fix]-stringToNumber change
[fix]-tab panel save problem
[fix]-tabsequence if buttons don't have an action yet
[fix]-tag support in tab text
[fix]-test if form is being displayed in dialog
[fix]-the dataproviders under a relation in the method editor are auto refreshed when fk table changes
[fix]-the function of < > was the opposite in relations
[fix]-the rounding in fields is not the same in edit en view state
[fix]-transparency on rtf/text_area now working
[fix]-usage of some beans not allowed
[fix]-use of multiple subsumaries was not working in all cases when sorted differently
[fix]-using 2 same tablenames on different servers
[fix]-value not removed from related valuelists
[fix]-valuelist filled with dataset is lost
[fix]-various import/export problems: ,
[fix]-various readOnly property fixes and
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Postby Harjo » Wed Apr 28, 2004 11:27 pm

CONGRATULATIONS!! :D with the birthday of 2.0 final!

Guys, thank YOU, for all the effort, you put in, to rule out all the bug's en sometimes explain to us, (in the late-night-hours!!) that it was not a bug, but a stupidy of us!! :lol:
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Postby Westy » Wed Apr 28, 2004 11:32 pm

A tremendous achievement. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all those who worked so hard to make this happen!!! :lol:
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Postby mpwiedemann » Thu Apr 29, 2004 6:14 am

Just a quick note to say thanks for a GREAT product and also for the outstanding support. I wish all software companies were as responsive as Servoy.

Keep up the good work!

Martin :D
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Postby faheemhameed » Thu Apr 29, 2004 9:07 am

Well done. Thanks for your excellent work.

I will be looking for using third party beans/plugins seamlessly in the future servoy versions.

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Postby megaquests » Sun May 02, 2004 1:45 pm

congratulations on release of v2, a great product and thanks for all the support..

we only started using servoy about 12 weeks ago and already I dont know how we'd do without it :D

thanks again
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