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Servoy 6.1.5

Postby Jan Blok » Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:47 pm

We are pleased to announce the immediate availability of Servoy 6.1.5 (releaseNumber 1433).

This version is available through the download option on the Servoy website and auto-update.
Always make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before installing/upgrading.
To update a Servoy eclipse open Check for updates via help menu.

Thanks to the external testers for helping out to get a solid release!

All the issues addressed:

Client Changes
[fix] SVY-4132 elements removed from forms with the security feature are not more scriptable
[fix] SVY-4261 onRender event fired many times when data model is touched and calcs are fired
[fix] SVY-4218 Sometimes edited values that have been reverted end up saved to the database.
[fix] SVY-4185 problem with form that contains two tab with two forms
[fix] SVY-4186 NPE in FlattenedSolution.getStyleForForm() when trying to open a form in the Form Editor.
[fix] SVY-4175 NPE triggered inside FormController.executeFunction().
[fix] SVY-4131 DataException not populated with getScriptStackTrace().
[fix] SVY-4169 solution does never restart correct, when you get the message: old transaction detected, solution need to restart
[fix] SVY-4157 switching records in a dialog window in front of a list view form in the main window
[fix] SVY-4087 Solution model usage in Login solution problem
[fix] SVY-4085 Error during refresh in navigator
[fix] SVY-4077 composed display values of valuelist not displaying well
[fix] SVY-4026 Foundset not released
[fix] SVY-3979 it is possible to drag a column before a locked column
[fix] SVY-3974 Using foundset.loadRecords() to cancel out of find mode doesn't work if the foundset was empty when the user entered find mode.
[fix] SVY-3958 UI converter isn't called when database value isn't changed, even when the value in the textfield is changed.
[fix] SVY-3953 Cannot show calendar on the form which has "List View"
[fix] SVY-3605 addTableFilterParam calls are failing
[fix] SVY-3931 servoy.smartclient.shared_solution_dir property doesn't work
[fix] SVY-3923 form built with solution model, column containing html checkbox, onaction event is not triggered

Web Client Changes
[fix] SVY-4200 NPE in RecordItemModel.getValue().
[fix] SVY-4189 Programatically adjusting size of label results in larger label.
[fix] SVY-4164 Form (sub) class name leaks through to form elements
[fix] SVY-4124 NPE triggered in PageContributor.renderHead()
[fix] SVY-4143 Webclient: Reducing memory usage.
[fix] SVY-4076 Script error(s) in IE8
[fix] SVY-4044 webclient dialog (dialogs module) FIMD won't close when another dialog was open on top of that
[fix] SVY-4042 controller.getFormWidth() returns 0 for forms in tabpanel. (For webclient only)
[fix] SVY-4054 NPE in WebCellBasedView.updateRowSelection() triggering Internal Error.
[fix] SVY-4133 field titleText empty when field type is CHECK
[fix] SVY-4075 Client-side javascript errors: "Uncaught ReferenceError: setLanguageCode is not defined "
[fix] SVY-4038 Setting an onRender event for textfield makes selection cursor behave oddly
[fix] SVY-4007 Pagination in list view starts too early if subform has header
[fix] SVY-3994 In IE8 buttons with an image appear identical when enabled or disabled.
[fix] SVY-3791 Sometimes we have to click on buttons twice before the action event fires.
[fix] SVY-4264 selecting records in webclient list view in IE9
[fix] SVY-4342 In Web Client, fields which have the property selectOnEnter do not behave correctly
[fix] SVY-4333 Issue in Web Client with rendering of TABLE_VIEW forms which use onRender event for the fields in the grid
[fix] SVY-4321 Context menus are transparent (wrong CSS) on initial load.
[fix] SVY-4319 Javascript error "TypeError: element is null" in wicket-event.jar when opening some dialogs
[fix] SVY-4319 Javascript error when clicking on radio buttons.
[fix] SVY-4319 Programatically adjusting size of label results in larger label

Developer Changes
[fix] SVY-4040 Need functions to rename the column name in dataset created by convertToDataSet function
[fix] SVY-2597 DataSet.getColumnType missing
[fix] SVY-4073 Developer: NPE in web client while applying some edits in developer.
[fix] SVY-4058 In form designer tab panel gets unselected when using arrow keys to alter size/position
[fix] SVY-4199 Changing the imageURL property on label/buttons at runtime doesn't take affect.
[fix] SVY-4103 You can create 2 forms with the same name when a form is moved to an other solution while it is open in the editor
[fix] SVY-4084 if you have a client started from developer and add an i18n key and place on a form a label with that key the client will reset showing you bad forms
[fix] SVY-4016 Outline view no longer displaying functions in a variable
[fix] SVY-3990 documentation mistake in Wiki
[fix] SVY-3903 Using the "Move Form" option causes SVN history to be lost.
[fix] SVY-3902 Developer: Have to restart the IDE for value list changes to be recognized.
[fix] SVY-3901 The build process on large workspaces is very slow
[fix] SVY-4166 With the profiler enabled in debug mode we're seeing error dialogs in developer reporting NPEs.

Server Changes
[fix] SVY-4154 MS SQL Server type 'DECIMAL' is converted to integer when creating a foundset with inferred column types
[fix] SVY-4165 "RelatedFoundset, creation args not found!!" errors showing up in logs.
[fix] SVY-3983 Servoy cannot display Server Log
[fix] SVY-3106 When importing solutions in Servoy Application Server, the process causes database locks

Plugin Changes
[fix] SVY-3871 http plugin problem
[fix] SVY-4030 mail plugin CC and BCC not working when using test redirect
[fix] SVY-3686 DBtreeView control on temporay table create columns w/o data.
[fix] SVY-4232 i18n key passed to the Popup.addMenu('i18n:some_message_key') are not resolved
[fix] SVY-4209 DndTreeview bean not working with IE10
Jan Blok
Jan Blok
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Re: Servoy 6.1.5

Postby tgs » Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:07 pm

I get (hundred of) warings for
Roll over image and cursor are not supported in Smart client tableview/listview form.

Why is this not more supported in vers. 6.1.5?
In vers. 6.1.4 it was running well without problems, or?
Thomas Schnaus
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yomotec GmbH
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Re: Servoy 6.1.5

Postby Harjo » Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:12 pm

no, in the body this never worked!
Harjo Kompagnie
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Re: Servoy 6.1.5

Postby tgs » Thu Jul 04, 2013 1:21 pm

Harjo wrote:no, in the body this never worked!

I'm sorry Harjo,

but in my solutions the rolloverCursor and rolloverImageMedia ist working if the record is active in the body of a table view list!?
Thomas Schnaus
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yomotec GmbH
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