Servoy appoints new CEO & builds technological partnerships

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Servoy appoints new CEO & builds technological partnerships

Postby Jan Aleman » Thu May 19, 2016 12:24 pm

Most of you have probably already seen this email that was sent to all our customers earlier this week. I'm posting a copy here for those that missed it or if you'd like to post any questions or comments in public about it. Of course if you want to contact me personally feel free to do so.

You’ve probably experienced this in your life. Especially if you work with technology.

I’m talking about about the need to evolve to stay ahead of the game.

If you were at Servoy Camp 2016, you heard me talk about why I co-founded Servoy in 2001. Creating applications was hard and I was determined to change that. Then came Web apps, ASP, SaaS and now the Cloud. We’ve kept innovating, with sometimes bold decisions (Javascript in 2001), all because we want you to be a rock star of application development.

We’ve also listened to your challenges in a cloud environment, such as your needs to scale, host, backup and bring performance below a second. As a result, we decided to become a true aPaas (Application Platform as a Service) vendor.

First, we need to form new partnerships with complementary technology vendors, and for that, we need to build a stronger presence in North America. I will therefore be relocating to Los Angeles to join the Servoy US team.

Servoy’s US Headquarters opened in 2003, not long after Servoy was created. During our decade-long US presence, we have strived to keep up with the needs of the sizable US market for better application-development software.

I'm delighted to be going back to my first love: evangelizing Servoy by showing customers, partners and prospects what a great product we offer and what it can do for them.

Ron van der Burg becomes new CEO
I'm happy to announce that Ron van der Burg will take over as CEO. Ron’s five years as COO of Servoy have been marked by remarkable talent, outstanding performance, and sound judgment. As CEO, he will focus on further professionalizing the execution at Servoy to bolster the success of our existing and new customers.

One of Ron’s first tasks will be to expand our User Experience team, because we know that creating the best possible UX for your business applications is key to your success. He will also ramp up our professional services group, so we can continue to offer first-class support for everyone while signing up larger and more ISVs.

I will continue on our executive team and assist in our overall strategy.

Pathway for our joint success
What can you expect over the next few years? An increased focus on our existing customers. We realize that our success is fueled by your success and we will never forget that. We are setting up a new advisory board to get more regular input from you for our product roadmap and to make Servoy even more user-friendly.

I hope that you will agree with me that these exciting new changes will usher a new era of continued joint success. It is a privilege to work with you.
Jan Aleman
Jan Aleman
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Re: Servoy appoints new CEO & builds technological partnersh

Postby kwpsd » Mon May 30, 2016 7:03 pm

Hi, Jan.

Thanks for posting this.

I never seem to receive Servoy announcements directly. So, you can image my astonishment at receiving an e-mail from Ron van den Burg CEO asking me to participate in a survey. I immediately scoured the Internet looking for a change in leadership at Servoy and came across a link to this item. All I can say! For me, you are indelibly linked to Servoy as its captain (emeritus?) and for the company's success.

Welcome to the US and southern California, and congratulations to both you and Ron on your future endeavors!
Kim W. Premuda
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