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Postby BDuncan » Wed Oct 04, 2006 10:43 pm

At ServoyWorld 2006, several people from the Servoy community were acknowledged with our first ever awards. In front of the whole crowd, at the Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, the following worthy people were surprised and honored with the following awards:

Eager Beaver Award - Graham Greensall - Worxinfo

- This award is for the first person to sign up (and pay) for ServoyWorld 2006
- We also gave a cute little 9" stuffed animal, (a beaver) to Graham

Servoy Community Spirit Award - Marcel Trapman - IT2Be

- This award is for the person who gives of him or her self to the community of Servoy, such as posting answers
to questions on the forum, making products for the community, offering open-source items, and always in a positive and pleasant spirit.

Most Enthusiastic Evangelist - Enrico Arata - Automazione Aziendale

- This award is for a person who spreads the "good news" of Servoy

Excellent Contribution to Open Source - Scott Butler - DNA Diagnostics Center
- This award is given to a Servoy devotee who offers a Open Source item to the Servoy Community in the spirit of giving and furthering the Servoy initiative
- Scott was choosen for this JDBC driver

Innovative Reporting of ASP & Client Services - Michael Phelps, adBlocks

Unique award for unique and cutting edge use of Servoy Technology

Webclient Adoption - Dean Westover, Choices Software

Unique award for unique and cutting edge use of Servoy Technology

Humanitarian Award - Drs. Larry and Cheryl Kerr - United Health Service
Unique award for utilization of Servoy Technology in a caring and humanitarian way

The Kerr's received this award for helping create a user friendly telemedicine application that links people in rural areas with medical facilities and personnel in urban areas, linking people to better medical care.

Congratulations to you all. Thank you for helping make Servoy a great product, great company and a great community.

Brenda Duncan

P.S. - If you would like to see pictures of the Awards Luncheon, please visit here: ... 309045548/

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