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Servoy 3.1.7 maintenance release

Postby svroemisse » Fri Sep 21, 2007 10:29 am

We announce the immediate availability of the Servoy 3.1.7 maintenance release.

Make a backup of your current Servoy installation (directory and database) before installing.

This version will also be available through auto update for 3.1.x users shortly (check via help menu -> check for new version)

Please consider upgrading to Servoy 3.5

[enh] numpad decimal key will enter ',' or '.' depending on locale
[enh] changed names of auto-discovered db relations from foreign key to allow multiple relations to the same table

[fix] in some situations, webclient could update disabled or readonly fields
[fix] checkboxes would not go back to readonly after search in smart client
[fix] for exception when using tabpanel with scrollTabs property set
[fix] html areas wouldn't show all content in print preview or when printing
[fix] made repository dialog multideveloper-safe
[fix] auto-generated sequence names became too long
[fix] omit last record in tableview
[fix] agent plugin not working
[fix] new i18n messages would only show after restarting Servoy
[fix] printing fields with print sliding width would make fields grow beyond page boundaries
[fix] page numbering and not printing last page of multi-page print
[fix] omit last record in tableview
[fix] jar file refresh problem if client uses java 1.6
[fix] removing a server doesn't clear its entry in
[fix] importing solution with calculation datatype change doesn't update the datatype in override mode
[fix] rollback after sql exception caused invalid data to be displayed
[fix] fix for unknown char encodings in mail plugin
[fix] null pointer fix in related valuelist
[fix] a value list populated by SQL query and setValueListItems() only displays a single line in the drop down
[fix] source charset usage in mail plugin (now working with Japanese character sets)
[fix] focus cycle should also ignore non-visible components
[fix] data lookup field select on entry fixes
[fix] data wasn't always saved in the script thread
[fix] scrolling behavior fixes when editing last table views
[fix] dataloss when leaving field using script

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