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Postby Harjo » Thu Mar 13, 2008 1:32 am

I got a message, that it is fixed, in the next release! :D

Thank you Servoy!
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Postby lvostinar » Thu Mar 13, 2008 5:31 pm

First of all anchors are not meant to be used in print forms. Right anchor is a special case because it will anchor to the right of your window; this may cause some elements to be outside of the printable area. There are some workarounds to this problem you can try: use print sliding, change screen resolution( the higher the resolution, the higher the risk for elements to get outside printable area),move element to the left in the form, change size of the paper from print preview.

gzola wrote:I have a problem printing total fileds at end report. The fields are placed in a section Trailing Grand summary or footer. If fields summary is set anchors on the right, the fields are not printed.

What you can confirm?

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