Looking for a Servoy Developer

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Looking for a Servoy Developer

Postby doug » Mon Aug 30, 2021 11:40 pm

I have 2 Servoy projects I'm supporting. Myself and another developer are working on these projects and I need another developer in order to make better progress.

Project 1
Has been operating for a few years and needs a few upgrades to keep up with changing businesses requirements. It's using an older version of Servoy and smart client. App handles the day-to-day operations of an import/export business. It has the following functional forms; Offers, Quotes, Orders, PO, Inventory tracking by lots, multiple warehouses, shipping, receiving, invoicing and Quickbooks exporting. Currently setup to handle the above for 3 businesses.Inventory tracking needs to be improved and emailing functionality added.

Project 2
It's currently running in parallel with their old system and is still under development. Some functionally is still needed for it to be in full production. It's using Servoy 2019 and NG Desktop Client.
App is for a renewal parts business. Handles Quotes, Orders, building of parts using a 2 level Bill of Material (currently being expanded to handle multi-level BOMs), Inventory tracking at multiple warehouses with multiple storage locations, Inspection, shipping and receiving. Log in security is needed as well as emailing functionality.

Please respond with your experience and expected rate and we can have a skype call.

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