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►Newbie◄ gotta be an easier/faster way to add fields to grid

PostPosted: Wed Mar 10, 2021 6:58 pm
by jaymer
Newbie (user name is weird, real name is Jaymer)
Mac, 2020.12.1, fresh install
Using cloudSampleSolution, 1.1.1 installed via Package manager

If I create a Form and want to add a simple DataGrid, its a big pain to manually add a bunch of fields. Kinda surprised this hasn't been addressed.
I see the "Advanced" tab on New Form but I haven't quite cracked the code there to add many fields.
When I tried it to add 5 fields, it added 5 entire grids, not just 1 grid with 5 fields.

Seems like this is what I'm wanting.
Can someone describe the correct procedure or show a pic?