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UI-Conversion in Data-Grid

PostPosted: Wed Jul 21, 2021 4:06 pm
by christof.brenke

i have a problem using the UI-Converter on a editable Column of a Data-Grid.

The type of the dataprovider is Number and it should be converted to String, so i applied methods as follows:

fromObjectMethodName: "StringToNumber" (Not working, not even executed)
type: TEXT
toObjectMethodName: "NumberToString" (Works fine)

So if i´m trying to input a String i get an error (-- Parse exception while processing "String" as a double --)

It seems that some mechanism of the Data-Grid is trying to do something prior to the UI-Conversion.

If I´m using the UI-Conversion of the Database-Table/Foundset instead, everything is working as expected.

Any idea what´s wrong?