valuelist only showing 100 items

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valuelist only showing 100 items

Postby ManChicken » Sat Jan 21, 2023 11:12 pm

I have an old solution originally made under Servoy version... I actually can't recall! Whatever was current circa ~2009 :D -- and it's been upgraded through the years where I'm currently running on Servoy 7.4.

Anyway I have a form with a text field set to TYPE_AHEAD and connected to a valuelist which uses a relationship to pull values from another table to show project names matching a client number. However the valuelist is only showing 100 entries, which 99% of the time is more than enough, but I do have one client with (currently) 106 projects. I can access them by typing in enough to cause the typeahead to filter out some entries, but it'd be nice if it could just show me everything.

Everything I can find in searching seems to say that the valuelist limit was increased to 500 eons ago (before I ever used Servoy) and I even tried bringing my solution into test Servoy 8 and 2022 installs to no avail.. still 100 shown. I've looked at the query it's sending to my MariaDB server and it does return all 106 rows.

I feel like I am either missing a property setting somewhere, or it's just not been defined in the documentation (that I've found) that perhaps while a valuelist can return up to 500 items, the actual UI widget in the Smart Client won't display more than 100 a time?
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Re: valuelist only showing 100 items

Postby rafig » Mon Jan 23, 2023 5:57 pm

Easiest thing to do is to load up the value list manually, then it can have more than 100...
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Hope that helps.
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